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The Oddball


We already knew Tender had a way with a dye bucket, but apparently they’ve got a way with island shirts too.

This hand-dyed popover is one of the more exotic shirts we’ve seen, thanks to no less than three off-kilter touches. First off, there are no cuffs—just a tiny cinching at the end of the sleeve. Second, it’s a single unseamed piece of cloth (aside from the sleeves and placket), giving it a smock-like vibe. And then, there’s that collar…

It’s the kind of offbeat islandwear that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Picasso, perfect for culminating your stylish-but-eccentric streak. But first, you may want to take up painting.

Brotherly Love


We just caught a peek at Burkman Brothers' new Spring/Summer 2010 line, and we like what we see from our favorite Bali/Ivy League/resortwear-loving brothers. Namely, great new shorts, their debut tie collection, and a welcome riff on the linen shirt, along with the same old madras.

The new: a new set of patterned shirts (as seen on the gentleman to the left) along with their first collection of linen shirts (a staple for most sandy vacations and a nice compliment to all that madras) and their first stab at neckwear (which land somewhere between Ward Cleaver and Rudyard Kipling—not a bad combination, if you ask us).

They’ve also cut their shorts a little trimmer and introduced a jersey-lined yellow pair that we’re eagerly anticipating hitting Barney’s in January. And since this is still Burkman Brothers, there are more exclusive plaids sourced from the brothers’ latest trip to India, more great details from Doug and Ben and more random name tags sewn in summer camp-style.

All we need is a mai tai...

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