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Kempt’s Guide to the Menswear Gift Guides

  • Najib Benouar

No doubt your inbox and just about every menswear site you frequent has made you aware: ’tis the season to be gifting. And, therefore, receiving. (This is geared toward the latter.)

In our ongoing campaign to help you win the holidays, we had our team of menswear research fellows cull every single gift guide on the Internet, pull out all of the best menswear and lay it all out in one handy be-all, end-all guide.

Put all of this on your holiday wish list, if it isn’t already. Or just conspicuously leave this guide open on as many browsers as possible.

Onward, to the bounty of handsomeness that awaits, in Kempt’s Guide to the Menswear Gift Guides.»

Sara Underwood Wants to Talk Comic-Con

  • Kempt Staff

No, Seriously: Esquire catches up with Ms. Underwood to talk Comic-Con 2012 predictions, The Hobbit, Django and Godzilla. (Or so we’re told; we’re still drinking in the slideshow.) [Esquire]

My Collar So Soft: An ode to the natural beauty of a dress shirt collar sans stays. [Put This On]

Par for the Course: The Times takes stock of the PGA’s on-tour style. Sounds like camo is not far behind. [On Par]

Coast and Sew: Isaia is taking its handsomeness to the interwebs—by way of a multi-chapter inspiration board. [The Making of Isaia]

The Ties of Spring

With winter safely in the rear-view mirror, there’s a whole new breed of tie up for grabs. Forget the gray wools and somber brown hues. Now that the sun is out, we’re more partial to raw silks, textured cotton and madras ties—the rare breed of neckwear that actually looks good on a beach. And in case you want to join in the celebration, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite examples after the jump.

See a few of our favorite spring ties»

Candice Swanepoel Is Tired of Your Overly Ambitious Sand Castles

Candice Swanepoelvia GQ UK

Shacket and Sweats: A close look at some handsome gear from Dana Lee. [The189]

“Dude” Abides: A people’s history of the word “dude” in the 20th century. Clearly they’ve seen this supercut. [Intelligent Life]

Breasts Will Be Doubled: The new crop of suits from Isaia is looking pretty handsome. [Die, Workwear]

Stiff Upper Lip: If you’ve ever wanted to know what Ron Burgundy would look like without a mustache, this is your link. He looks a lot like Ricky Bobby. [Esquire]

Honorata Never Removes Her Corset

How the Game Be: This oral history of menswear blogging has been tearing up the webs all day, despite a few notable omissions . Also, if Jesse Thorn is the target of a suspicious drive-by after this, all eyes are going to be on Fuck Yeah Menswear. [GQ]

Also, It’s Kind of Silly: And, for the sake of completeness, here’s a Vanity Fair piece making fun of the GQ piece. [Vanity Fair]

All the Checks: A showroom tour of Isaia. It turns out they’ve got some pretty handsome jackets in the works. [We Are the Market]

Knives Out: This could be the year you learn to whittle. Believe it. [Art of Manliness]

The Rules of the Checked Blazer

One of the perks of the Italian Invasion has been a serious uptick in adventurous blazers. Like raw denim before it, an odd jacket can be a great way to dress up without looking like you’re trying to impress the boss—which should make it one of the more versatile items in your closet. But as with any patterned piece, it can be dangerous territory if you don’t know your way around.

So to help you get the most out of your next odd jacket, we’ve put together a quick roadmap of what’s great and what’s risky. It’s simpler than you think…

Allow us to explain»

Madonna Has Extremely Strong Teeth

Look Back in Beastie: The Men of Beastie look back on 25 years of hell raising. [Interview]

Quinton McCracken, We Hardly Knew Ye: The 60 best names in baseball. To give you some idea of the competition, “Ebenezer Beatin” only made it to #8. [The Awl]

JFK Still Owns It: The navy shawl-collar cardigan, through history. They forgot the Oliver Spencer version…but we’ll forgive them. [A Headlong Dive]

Deep Coral: Talking style with a VP from Isaia. Predictably, he wears the hell out of a DB. [Men of Habit]

The Bunnies Race into the Future

Playboy Bunnies

An Illustrated History of the Playboy Bunny: It’s just what the title promises. [Vanity Fair]

Shivs Quarterly: Valet gives into the knife-wielding horde, and rounds up the best pocket knives for your buck. If you need help, a man named Chico can show you how to use them. [Valet]

Making Your Own Guitar: A photo tour of a small-scale guitar factory. Extreme handsomeness. [Wired]

The Man, The Brand: Sart Inc gets friendly with the Isaia braintrust. If they had a few spare blazers lying around… [Sartorially Inclined]