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Aged Leather for Your New Baby

Keys, wallet, phone.

Rarely are all three of these things packed and ready to go when you are, thus the frantic scurrying, the mindless patting of pants that haven’t been worn since Easter, the “would you mind calling my phone,” followed by “I thought you said your phone was out of battery,” followed by blank stares as yet another movie night is ruined.

This iPhone 5 case/aged leather wallet from Portal may be just the type of all-or-nothing game changer your pocket organization system (dwindling movie date success rate) has been hoping for.

You’re on your own with the keys.

Samantha Gradoville Is Giving You the Gold Shoulder

  • Kempt Staff

via FGR

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The 1984 iPhone

That iPhone 5 sure is a powerful, sexy machine.

But so is the entirety of Sony’s 1984 audio/visual collection, like the Beta Hi-Fi video cassette player which, as advertised, “blows you away” with its better-than-movie-theater sound. You’ll be “engulfed in the power and action of movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark... the pulsating rhythms of Flashdance... the dramatic intensity of An Officer and a Gentleman... the spectacular rock video of David Bowie.”

There you are, sitting in a tin can, far above the world...»

Croakies for Your iPhone

  • Najib Benouar

Here’s a great way to make sure your charging cord never gets lost in the shuffle—or ends up on someone else’s desk by mistake.

These new textile cords from Eastern Collective are like putting croakies on your iPhone (or iAnything). Since they look nothing like the ubiquitous white ones that always seem to be floating off to the island of lost cords, you’ll be sure to have one on hand the next time you’re staring at a 10% battery level warning.

Or you'll finally learn who the office cord hoarder is.

The Gloves of the Twenty-First Century


Our gloves have been embarrassing us on touchscreens for upwards of a decade now, but it looks like the technology has finally caught up.

Feast your eyes on the world’s first iPhone-friendly gloves—or at least the first ones that aren’t hideous.

These Dots gloves manage to pull off the trick without rubber pumps, patches or anything visible. Instead, they rely on microfibers in the fingertips. They’re so thin you can barely feel them, but they connect to the touch sensors just fine. And thanks to a collab with Opening Ceremony, they’ve turned out pretty handsome too.

Of course, our heart is still with this crop of hand-warmers…but we haven’t gotten Angry Birds yet.

Update: Opening Ceremony sold out of the gloves in the picture, but you can find a slightly less flashy version on sale here.

Clementine Stevens is Curious

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Going Digital


We were figuring it would take a while for the giants of the old guard to find their way to the new technologies, but we may have underestimated them.

Alan Flusser, for instance, is wasting no time.

The sartorial sage’s latest work is Bespeak, an iPhone app that determines the specs of your perfect suit based on your height, coloring and body shape. The impressive thing is how natural it feels, since so much of his work points men towards exactly this kind of choice. It’s shinier, but the basic wisdom hasn’t changed.

Now we just need to introduce him to these guys.

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