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Julia Is Too Tired to Climb Onto the Carpet

Behind the Screws: See the inside of a Rolex without accidentally hitting one with a hammer. [You Have Broken the Internet]

Speaking of Watches…: Nixon’s just getting more and more classic. [Hypebeast]

Screen Fever: Looking at your iPad an hour before bedtime is what’s keeping you from getting to sleep. Stop it. Honestly. [CrunchGear]

Our Lead Character Will Be Named Blake Manley: If you’ve ever dreamed of e-publishing a romance novel, now might be the time. Not that we’ve ever considered that. But if we had, this would be important news. Theoretically. [Fast Company]

Marta has the Beach to Herself

Only PBR, Please: Apparently Orvis makes a wool beer coozie. Sometimes, that’s all you need to know. [10engines]

After Paper: Esquire makes a pretty handsome iPad, as it turns out. [Mashable]

A Girl and a Gun: From the department of answered prayers: Al Pacino will be starring in a Phil Spector biopic for HBO, penned by David Mamet. We can’t wait. [NYTimes]

Water Free: Some day soon, we will all be using drip-free umbrellas. [Yanko Design]

Mr. Fry, We Presume


The celebrity memoir’s a little creaky under the best of circumstances, but Stephen Fry can always be counted on to provide a shakeup.

Along with the British wit’s newly released The Fry Chronicles, Mr. Fry is offering a tricked-out iPod/iPad version that might be the best thing web publishing’s produced so far. The trick is a visual index that lets you skim through 112 different self-contained chunks of the book, according to whatever you’re looking for.

So if you want to track down every last reference to Fry’s days in a comedy duo with House, all you have to do is highlight the “Hugh Laurie” tag and skim through the highlighted sections. For his musings on comedy…well, there’s a tag for that too. It’s how a lot of people were likely to read the book anyway. The new tech just makes it easier, with a little credit down to Fry for not making the world read his tome cover-to-cover.

Although if you did, we’re sure he’d be appropriately grateful.

Ruby is Being Hypnotized


Very Sleepy: The lads at Vice test the gullibility of their models. [Vice]

It’s Happening: LCD’s James Murphy shares his wisdom and karaoke picks—specifically Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” Well done. [Opening Ceremony]

The Top is Down: Steve McQueen’s ’58 Siata 208S (that translates to “beautiful red convertible”) has found its way to eBay. Commence yearning. [Autoblog]

Padding: What to expect from your iPad. Apparently it makes a lousy tennis racquet. [CrunchGear]



Our favorite photoset of the day comes from courtesy of Japan’s enduring commitment to quirk—particularly regarding manhole covers. Apparently Japanese municipalities have been known to get quite creative with the iron platters, and a book/iPad app—dubbed Drainspotting—has finally come along to catalogue the most interesting ones. At their best, they’re a modern channeling of the old block print aesthetic, but even the cartoonish ones are worth a look. If you don’t feel like shelling out for the print copy, there’s a pretty good survey here.

Jennifer Lopez is a Big Sofia Loren Fan


Italian Vogue Bats 1000: We believe she’s wearing a chandelier of some kind. [Fashion Copious]

So Many Cardigans: New York Magazine takes on the global dominance of Uniqlo. The money line: “They have chosen fabric, rather than fashion, as the area where they want to excel.” Sounds like a solid plan to us. [NYMag]

Hopefully It Won’t be Called the G-Pad: Google tablet. Act like you know. [TechCrunch]

The Egg Did it Last Season: A chicken fashion show, brought gloriously to life. [Whim Quarterly]

Amanda Norgaard Counts as an Earthly Delight


Back to Nature: Dazed and Confused lets loose an editorial dubbed “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” which might be our favorite title for a magazine editorial ever. [Fashion Copious]

Children, Wake Up: Spike Jonze may be making a movie with the Arcade Fire—if he doesn’t overdose on twee before he can finish it. [/Film]

Blowing Minds, Changing Lives: The iPad scoffs at your silly paper book. Get ready for the future, people. [TechCrunch]

All the Way to the Banksy: Banksy pops up in Los Angeles, where he is needed most. [Hypebeast]

Anna Kendrick is Suspicious of her Stylist


The Beautiful People: Paper Mag unveils their roundup of the year’s beautiful people. Anna Kendrick, naturally, qualifies. [Paper Magazine]

Padded Out: John C. Abell gazes into the future, riffing on the iPad release. We’re guessing he’s not a flash fan… [Epicenter]

Understanding Comics: Tim Heffernan big ups the sprawling Love and Rockets series, quite possibly the Great American Underground Comic. Get on it, people. [Esquire]

Not Happening: We’re pretty open-minded, in general, but we just don’t see the coonskin cap coming back. Not ever. [Racked]

The Wild Blue Yonder


The Water is Cold: The gentlemen at World’s Best Ever just turned us onto our new favorite photoblog. [Wicked Wink]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future of Mobile Harping: Apple unveils the iPad’s killer app, a music program called the Air Harp. Just like that, the venerable harp industry gets turned on its head. [TechCrunch]

Looking Patchy: A gentleman’s guide to madras. [Valet]

Suffering Whiplash: Mickey Rourke gets booted from the Iron Man 2 poster, presumably because he was upstaging Mr. Downey. [/Film]