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It Gels: Iekelene Stange is at the mercy of idiosyncratic designers. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Alone in the Dark: Martin Scorcese names his eleven favorite horror movies. Apparently he’s not a Wes Craven fan… [The Daily Beast]

God’s Country: Des Moines gets a dose of sculptural clout. Does this count as the Bilbao Effect? [NYTimes]

My God, It’s Full of Stars: Esquire is planning something hinky and potentially earth-shaking with Augmented Reality. We think it involves Robert Downey Jr. pulling a Lawnmower Man. [Esquire]

Silver Spoon


We’ve been fans of the Daytrotter folks for some time, and in return, they’ve been steadily working through our favorite bands.

This time, they’ve tracked down indie stalwarts Spoon for a stripped-down set recorded in Daytrotter HQ in central Iowa. The songs are culled from Spoon’s decade-plus career (including one cut from the eleven-year-old Soft Effects EP), along with a Paul Simon cover that manages to fit right in. Of course, Simon is the musical inspiration du jour, so it’s interesting to hear what the old guard makes of him. Apparently, it sounds a lot like Spoon.

Daytrotter Sessions

Day Trotters


After making their name with a hell of an album a few years back, The Walkmen have gotten a lot more low-key. They started out as O.C.-bound prepsters, but they always seemed more comfortable with drunken walks home than coke-fueled house parties.

So it’s fitting that they’d turn in an EP of Leonard Cohen covers from a ramshackle studio in the middle of Iowa.

Hear the Walkmen's take on the distinguished Mr. Cohen»

Strange Bedfellows

John Edwards

Harper's Bazaar

The mixed returns from the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have put all the candidates at high alert as their see-saw returns have force them to go on the offensive, pointing out each other's differences and shortcomings. Strangely, the frontrunners—no matter their location along the political spectrum have one thing in common: Nadja Auermann. Who'da thunk it?

The Politics of Fashion—Harper's Bazaar (Hosted on Livejournal)