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The Water Looks Cold

Cold Watervia Being Naked

Bad Luck: In honor of Friday 13th, Jen Doll took a skeptical look at some of the more common superstitions. Breaking mirrors really is bad news, you guys. [The Atlantic Wire]

The Coolest Camera in the World: One lucky blogger is about to come down with a Japanese Brooks Veriwide. [Archival Clothing]

Pulling the Wool: The latest from the legendary sweatermen at Inverallan. [Selectism]

Paratrooping Gear: Some great military trouser work from Michael Bastian. [Details]

The Three Sweaters You Need for This Winter

As the show says, winter is coming.

So naturally, we’ve been pulling late hours getting our sweater game together. And after weeks of careful scientific study, we’ve narrowed the whole knit spectrum down to three key items. Between the three of them, they should cover you for just about any situation you encounter for the next five months—including any fishing voyages you may have planned.

And to save you the late hours, we’ve tipped you off to our favorite pieces in each category. Gentlemen, take it to heart.

The three essential sweaters...»

The Scotch Guard


The Scottish sweater-maker Inverallan has been getting a fair amount of blog love in the past few months, but the gear itself is still pretty hard to come by without crossing an ocean—either to the UK or Japan. Fortunately, all good things make it stateside eventually…

J. Crew’s Frank Muytjens let slip in a recent interview that Inverallan’s Aran fisherman sweater is next up for a J. Crew collab this fall, which means cable-knit cardigans are about to make a serious play at trendhood. And by the time cold weather comes around again, we’ll probably be beating down the doors for thick wool like this. Just don’t call it a grandpa sweater.