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The Five Most Interesting Lines from Clooney’s Reddit AMA

  • Kempt Staff


Yesterday, the preternaturally salt-and-peppered man of style, filmmaker, activist and Brad Pitt bromanceur—not to mention Kempt 100 inductee—the one and only George Clooney stopped by Reddit for an impromptu AMA. Naturally, he had plenty of bons mots and wisdom to dispense on everything from his newfound cobbling hobby to the nipples on his Batman suit (seriously).

So we pulled out his five most interesting lines, presented here without comment, after the jump...»

The Five Best Lines from the Kanye West Interview Interview

  • Kempt Staff


Man of style—and Kempt 100 inductee—Andy Warhol was on to something when he founded Interview magazine in 1969...

And we can only imagine that the latest issue’s cover interview of Kanye West, by 12 Years A Slave Director Steve McQueen, was exactly what Warhol had in mind. It’s lofty, insightful, absurd (in both its artistic meaning and the usual one) and chock-full of great thought-bites from the inimitable Mr. West.

It was tough, but we managed to distill it down to the five most interesting lines...»

Grooming Tips from the Man Who Tamed Wolverine’s Muttonchops

Men's Groomer

With The Wolverine hitting theaters this weekend, Hugh Jackman has been doing the press rounds. And he’s been doing so while magnificently well-coifed.

In other words: not looking a thing like the terrifyingly hirsute beast he plays in the movie.

But Hugh doesn’t just roll out of bed looking that good—the man behind turning Wolverine back into a normal-looking person is a guy who goes by “The Men’s Groomer,” Jason Schneidman. We caught up with Jason, who’s working with Dove Men+ Care, to talk beard maintenance, re-handsome-ing up Hugh Jackman, how to get the JFK cut and more.

Jason Schneidman on the perils of grooming Wolverine, turning Rob Lowe into JFK and Abe Lincoln’s terrible chinstrap.»