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The Icons’ Guide to Living Stylishly

  • Najib Benouar


Usually when we talk about style icons, it’s about what they wore and how they wore it.

But today we’re going beyond the clothes, to peer into their sometimes-humble abodes to see how they lived. And in the same spirit of channeling their stylishness, we’ve managed to track down some modern-day equivalents of their boudoir style. (You could use a new set of high-thread-count sheets anyhow.)

Here’s what you need to live as stylishly as the icons...»

Style Icons in Their Stylish Homes

  • Najib Benouar


For all the agonizing over style icons that happens online, we rarely look beyond the clothes. Which is an oversight worth correcting—especially with the recent uptick in attention to home furnishings across the menswearosphere.

So we looked into the matter, and as it turns out, the homes of most of our style icons were just as stylish as the men they housed. (Not to mention, it’s reminded us of how good looking a well-stocked bookshelf can be.) So without further ado:

Let us observe the style icon in his natural habitat.»

Giving Your Place a Sporting Chance

  • Kempt Staff


When it comes to furnishings, we’re partial to things that can take a little wear—and the more gracefully, the better.

Things like overstuffed leather chairs constructed from saddles, coffee tables made of salvaged gym mats, perhaps a dozen vintage tennis racquets for good measure.

Luckily, Timothy Oulton—Britain’s renaissance man of furniture making—has just unveiled his latest line inspired by classic sporting events around the UK. It’s full of the sort of ruggedly refined appointments that might have befit Ernest Hemingway had he been raised with a royal title in the rolling hills of Scotland. (And picked up a mean habit for polo and cricket.)

In other words: it’s handsome stuff. And we’ve got a closer look at it all after the jump.»

Your Summer House Essentials

  • Najib Benouar


Everyone needs a good summer hideaway.

It could be the family lake house, a weekend rental on the Cape or just a really summery corner of your sixth-floor walkup.

But to really make it feel right, you’ve got to have the right vibe—which, granted, is a little different if you’re summering near the sea versus a woodsy lake or river. So we’ve gone ahead and found some handsome appointments and setting-appropriate curios to properly equip your abode.

Here’s what you need to stock that summer shack of yours, depending on whether you’re heading inland or to the beach.»

Sprucing Up Your Bedroom, Debating Shorts and the Titanic 2

  • Kempt Staff

Bedroom Upgrade

Carefully Curated Mess: GQ makes the case for making your bedroom just as well-appointed as the rest of your place.

Short Stuff: In anticipation of the inevitable, Monocle begins the debate on the appropriateness of wearing shorts around town (and to work).

Second Time’s the Charm: An Australian mining tycoon has unveiled plans to build the Titanic 2 with the promise of more lifeboats.

Twitter Winner: Thanks to a team of researchers who spent 15 months monitoring over half a million tweets, you can finally know the secret to getting more followers—aside from being a celebrity. (Which reminds us, you should follow Kempt now.)

Your Andy Warhol Range Hood Is Making You Look Silly

...for that matter, so is your Andy Warhol watch and your Andy Warhol T-shirt, tote bag, sneakers and snowboard.

You whittled the neighbor’s kid an Andy Warhol big wheel for no particular reason, so it’s safe to say his parents will be keeping a closer eye on you, and you’ve been patiently waiting for just the right woman to come along who will appreciate that Andy Warhol dress you’ve been storing in mothballs for years, along with the hip, snappy alternative, if such a thing exists in the world of old-timey soup can apparel. The problem, of course, is that dates have been ending prematurely of late, ever since you dropped the hammer on the duvet-slash-bedside lamp combo.

This is all to say: take a pass on the Andy Warhol range hood. We’re begging you. Because the Campbell’s Soup schwag is in grave danger of doing to Mr. Warhol what Evita and the Che Guevara shirt did for badass Cubans everywhere.

It’s time to build your own factory.

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