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Reach For It

Inspiration can come from many places, but it’s usually best in small doses. So while we heartily endorse fedoras, peak lapels, and even the occasional pinstripe, you should resist the powerful temptation to dress like someone on the cover of a dime novel.

For women, of course, this rule does not apply.

Setting Sail


Publishing a set of influences nine months before the line comes out runs the risk of being pretentious—after all, who needs labels showing you three more pictures of Steve McQueen; that’s our job—but done right, it can be genuinely exciting.

For instance, the latest “research pics” from Stansfield. Apparently they’re leaving the hunting look behind in favor of a more nautical vibe—like the jaunty-looking fellow on the left here. While we don’t love the tossed back quasi-lapel, we’re willing to wait and see how it turns out.

Of course, it looks they’ve done a bit of hand-wringing about airing their creative laundry, but we wouldn't be too worried. If the only secret is that the navy had good taste in fabric, we’d say the secret was already out.