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Rianne ten Haken Is Keeping the Doctor Away

  • Kempt Staff

Politics as Usual: More blowback from the Olympic ceremony uniforms—this time from politicians “outraged” that Ralph Lauren’s making the duds in China. [Washington Post]

A Little Bit Country: A breakdown of Loro Piano’s mastery of the “citified casual” look. [Die Workwear]

Guy Behind the Guy: The Atlanticreveals the faces behind some of television’s most important faceless characters. [The Atlantic]

Hustle and Flow: NPR has a handy flowchart to help you decide, once and for all, whether you live in a “real city” or not. (Those living in places that begin with an “M” and end in “anhattan” need not apply.) [NPR]

Jessica Paré Didn’t See You There

  • Najib Benouar

Jessica Parevia GQ

All Roads Lead to Kempt: Complex puts together an impressive flowchart infographic to help you decide which blogs you should be reading. (Naturally, you’re already where you need to be.) [Complex]

Listen Up: Hypebeast catches up with Glenn O’Brien. Sage advice ensues. [Hypebeast]

We Have Liftoff: Save yourself a trip to Mars and check out this slideshow of installation artist Tom Sachs’s latest exhibit. [Selectism]

Getting Schooled: Where you went to school may actually affect more than just what color your repp tie should be. [The Atlantic]

The Fashion Ranks

  • Najib Benouar

Numbers don’t lie. Even when it comes to the highly abstract world of Fashion (yes, capital “F”). And the latest study proving this is the ominously titled “The Most and Least Fashionable Cities in America.”

Internet, take note: Orange County, CA—the mythical land whose economy is almost entirely propped up by Botox and reality television, where “cougar” is still used unironically, the sole reason Christian Audigier is still in business—is home to the most fashionable people in America. All right, it’s not as apocalyptic as we’re making it sound. The findings are interesting if not predictable, so let’s take a closer look at the infographic to understand why your city (or NYC, for that matter) hasn’t been crowned “Most Fashionable” this go-round.

Apologies in advance to Cincinnati...»

The Beard Index

beardindex_crop.jpgvia NotCot

Now that there’s new info on the trustworthiness of bearded men, some kind soul was good enough to put the findings in infographic form to save us the trouble of reading the damn thing. Check out the full image here, listing 23 facial hair configurations in order of honesty. Afterwards, you should be able to properly assess any philosophers, werewolves or amateur wrestlers you may come across. (We’re guessing you already knew about John Waters.)

Missy Rayder is in Motion


Girls on Film: V Magazine branches out into video. [V Magazine]

Tit for Tat: A clever designer has put together the definitive infographic on breasts. Always good to know more. [GOOD]

Marty: In time for Shutter Island, Vanity Fair digs up a Casino-era Scorcese interview. Not a fan of flying, it turns out. [Vanity Fair]

Cosplay Goes Mainstream: Kirsten Dunst, Takashi Murakami and McG seem to have had the same extremely strange idea at once. [WBE]