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Irina Shayk Has Some Lingerie Advice for You

  • Najib Benouar

Irina Shaykvia GQ
No, Seriously: Ms. Shayk would like to give you a few tips on buying said underthings for your significant other... while she models them. (It’s the only way you’ll learn.) [GQ]

The Bad News First: You’re not getting rich off “the next Instagram.” The good news: we just learned there’s a website dedicated to pictures of cats with cash. [Buzzfeed]

The Even Better News: There’s also a new Tumblr dedicated to the impossibly romantic and woodsy charms of Bon Iver. Folksy gentlemen Casanovas everywhere, take note. [Bon Iverotica]

Sixto Sense: Seemingly relegated to obscurity in America—working odd jobs in Detroit after two failed albums—musician Sixto Rodriguez was unknowingly a superstar in a parallel universe: South Africa. A cinematic story, to say the least. [Huffington Post]

Justin Vernon’s New Suit

If you’ve ever wondered where the indie folk crowd gets those woodsy on-stage suits, we’ve finally got an answer.

Behold Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver. More importantly, behold his new Dunderdon tweed suit, which he’s wearing to the Grammys. (The shirt is Levi’s Vintage Clothing, for the curious.) It’s a halfway point between black tie and “wandering in the woods,” which makes it a pretty good fit.

Of course, he won’t be performing in it on Sunday... but there’s always the next tour.

“Brother, Can You Spare a Razor”

ROW ONE: Caleb Followill, Kings of Leon; Robin Pecknold, Fleet Foxes; Jim James, My Morning Jacket; Justin Vernon, Bon Iver ROW TWO: Ray LaMontagne; Kyp Malone, TV on the Radio; Tyler Ramsey & Ben Bridwell, Band of Horses ROW THREE: Samuel Beam, Iron and Wine; Dan Auerbach, The Black Keys; Devendra Banhart; Alex Ebert, Ima Robot

The bearded indie rock frontman is hardly a new phenomenon. Guys like Will Oldham, Chris Robinson and Jerry Garcia blazed that trail long ago (literally). Given the above collage, though, it appears the trail has been transformed into a well-paved thoroughfare connecting Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW, Glastonbury and wherever else present-day introspective rockers gather to perform before thousands of similarly bearded hipsters.

What’s behind the scruff...»

Rihanna Specifically Asked for an Underwear Limousine

via Fashion Gone Rogue

The Real Old Spice Guy: Although we disagree on many issues, it’s hard to fault Vladimir Putin’s action-hero credentials. For instance, here’s a photoset of him bending a frying pan with his hands, hunting a whale with a crossbow and staring into the eyes of a snow leopard. [The Atlantic]

All Black Everything: The comprehensive architect’s dress code. Madras is right out. [Arch Daily]

Green and Brown: A roundup of the best in fall/winter 2011, and what you can learn from it. [The Midwest Style]

Let Us Now Praise Ladytron: It’s shaping up to be a good week for indie rock. Here’s five reasons why. [NYMag]

Sarah Bledsoe is Trying to Remember the Name of That Band

I’ll Have a Chocolate Choo-Choo: Choosing a signature drink, along with ordering and enjoying etiquette. [Esquire]

My Home is the Sea: The story of the largest non-seismic wave in recorded history, and the ship that got caught in the middle. [Gizmodo]

Your Virtual Music Festival of the Day: The titans of 90s indie rock are converging on Vegas this weekend for Matador’s birthday party…and lucky for you, they’re streaming every last bit of it. [The Daily Swarm]

And Because It’s Friday…: Here’s a miniature Allen Ginsburg figurine. Tinker with it in good health. [Boing Boing]