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The 10 Most Important International Menswear Openings

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


As enthusiasts of a well-tailored lifestyle, our quest for noteworthy handsomeness knows no bounds. We’ve trekked the farthest reaches; from Ibiza to London to Aoyama and back to bring you our next installment of the international store report. Think Savile Row tailoring, Japanese surf style and American heritage with some Hong Kong-ese topspin.

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Kids on Holiday


For some reason, A.P.C. seems to be on vacation.

Their latest summer collection is practically a handbook for the young and tweedy Ibiza crowd. It’s quite a thing to nail down a particular age and moment—Ralph Lauren started out in much the same way—but it’s interesting that this is where the francophone label has found themselves.

The fall lines always seemed more reserved than their stateside counterparts. These were clothes for schoolkids, but mostly the ones in the library, which makes this beachbound hedonistic turn more than a little surprising.

Then again, that’s what summer vacation is for.

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