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The 15 Best Looks from FW13’s Books

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


We know. It’s summer. Your mind is a veritable View-Master of barbecues, long-weekend sojourns and scantily clad beach flings. But eventually, after the sand settles, and Mandy heads back to Vassar, it’ll be fall. And from what we’ve seen, you’re going to look fantastic.

Herewith, the definitive list of must-have sartorial trappings from our favorite Fall/Winter ’13 lookbooks.

Your Columbus Day weekend will thank us.»

Navigating Cyber Monday

  • Najib Benouar

Your cure for this epic case of the Mondays you’ve got right now: stocking up on some new threads at Cyber Monday prices.

Basically, the entire Internet is on sale today, so there’s a lot to wade through. Luckily, we did it for you—to find the best #menswear-friendly deals in cyberspace (then we can retire the word “cyber” until next year, or forever), including a few exclusives you won’t find elsewhere...(For a few more deals, check out our friends at Urban Daddy.)

Your direct line to the best of Cyber Monday, right this way:»

Going Robe

  • Najib Benouar

The rule of three has been met. Welcome to the robe era, gentlemen.

First it was a robe-style parka from Ian Velardi, then a robe-style flannel... robe, and now: this robe-style cardigan from Slowear.

This one might be the coziest we’ve seen yet—in a chunky-knit wool from Zanone (under the Slowear umbrella, which includes the blogger gold standard of pants, Incotex). It’s also the least outlandish of the bunch—basically just a longer-than-usual cardigan with the option of a belt—which should lend itself to more situations that don’t require a tie.

Depending on how casual your casual Fridays get.

Gap Year

  • Najib Benouar

Diffusion lines are nothing new, but lately we’ve been seeing some bold-faced menswear names deciding to collaborate with big-box retailers for capsule collections (you might remember Odin and Target’s recent team-up).

Enter the latest high-low venture from Gap, facilitated by GQ and involving just about every so-hot-right-now designer in the menswear blogoshpere: Ovadia & Sons, Ian Velardi, Mark McNairy, Saturdays, BLK DNM and Todd Snyder. With that much talent in one shopping aisle, you’re bound to turn out more than a few exciting pieces. And since we were allowed a sneak peek at Tuesday night’s launch event (you’ll need to check a map for your nearest shopping mall on September 27 to see them yourself), we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on the most promising stuff.

Herewith, all the jackets, shirts and pants worth finding the nearest Gap for.»

Frances Phillips Is Quickly Verifying Your Thread Count

  • Kempt Staff

via WBE

Mo’ Camo: GQ has the exclusive first look at the hotly anticipated Ian Velardi collection—including another new take on camo. [GQ]

Stars in Stripes: A peek at the capsule collection for Barneys made in Normandy by the legendary torchbearers of the Breton stripe, Saint James. [A Continuous Lean]

Bag It: A roundup of weekender bags for a last-minute Labor Day getaway. [T Magazine]

Driving Range: Winston Churchill’s bespoke Series I Range Rover is hitting the auction block. Start pinching pence. [Driven]

The Class of 2011, Revisited

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: 2011 was a good year for menswear.

And just to make it official, word came down from GQ today naming their six favorite new designers of the year, all of whom should look familiar. Congrats to all, especially the triumvirate of Ovadia, Velardi and Snyder, who have been inspiring double takes at trade shows all year.

All six will be collaborating with Gap in the coming months, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with—but in the meantime, consider this a well-earned round of Internet applause.

The Topcoat of 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, the topcoat of 2012.

We know it’s a little weird recommending a winter coat just as February’s tailing off—even weirder since you won’t be able to pick it up until August—but this one’s worth it.

It comes from Ian Velardi, who just unveiled his fall lookbook—but if you can’t peruse the whole thing, we’ll save you some time: it contains one of the most handsome topcoats you’ll see all year. It’s a frontal assault against the cloud of gray overcoats that usually pops up in late fall, and the neutral pattern means it’ll fit with just about anything you decide to wear underneath.

Note: we do recommend wearing something underneath.

Scenes From the Capsule Show

The trade show/blogger convention known as Capsule has come and gone, and apart from a few stand-outs (which you’ll be hearing about in the weeks to come), it was a blur of handsomeness: plaid after plaid, camo after camo, and more good ideas than we’ve ever seen in one place.

So we thought we’d pass on the menswear headrush in the best way we know how—lots and lots of photos.

Our favorite photos from Capsule, including Monitaly, Velardi and a certain vintage Brooks Brothers jockey helmet…»

The Best New Designers of 2011

A lot of great new labels arrived on the scene in 2011—the most we’ve seen in recent memory—so we thought we’d give a much-deserved victory lap to our five favorites. They range from homegrown Italiana to biker-tough outerwear, and they’ve been pulling together some of the most exciting ideas in menswear and making clued-in gentlemen look like rock stars from February on. If you were waiting for a chance to get acquainted, now’s the time.

Ladies and gentlemen, the class of 2011»

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