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The Emperor’s New Top


It only takes a few pictures like this to justify an entire season’s worth of runway shows.

Yes, it’s inspired by African fertility statues. Yes, it’s a complex statement on the nature of erotica. But it’s also a plastic pair of tits, and everyone involved—from the poor model to the savvy buyers in the front row—is walking exactly the same line.

Diddy Gets Hard, Scarlett Goes Italian and Chloë Goes Male


Mama Mia: Still queasy about ScarJo's engagement to Ryan Reynolds? Wash it all away with these Italian GQ shots. [Pophollic]

The Wild Bunch: Take a gander at Hussein Chalayan's line for [Racked]

Alphabet Soup: While your at it, peek at D-Line and A-Line by Tass Standard. [We Are the Market]

Little Blue Pills: Sean Combs, always a honest and demure representative of his tasteful brand, calls Sean Jean, "fashion Viagra." [News24-San Antonio]

The Coming Storms: We are just as fascinated and scared by the prospect of Chloë Sevigny designing men's clothes as we are about high-waisted jeans for guys. [Brandish]

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion


Takashi Murakami has been gaining profile for a while now—he designed the slightly hideous album cover for Kanye’s latest, and is collaborating with Marc Jacobs on a pattern for Louis Vuitton—but his nouveau-Warhol shtick has always left most of America shaking their heads.

Witness, for instance, the kerfuffle surrounding his upcoming exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. The fashion press went wild over Vuitton-based rumors—would the museum be hawking LV bags? Would they get a peek at the new Marc Jacobs pattern?—without giving thought to the exhibition itself. Naturally, the art world is skeptical.

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Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



Green Man: Nau co-founder Ian Yolles explains fashionable sustainability. [PSFK]

Not So Horny: "Vivid colors, flowing silk ribbons, and glittering bits of mirrors." And you thought Vikings looked like this, silly goose. [Eurekaltert]

Incoming!: Suface2Air's Spring/Summer 08 available now. [Word is Bomb]

The Boom Bip: The perfect footwear for the Ed Lover Dance. [Hypebeast]

The Barn Jacket: Seems we're not the only ones with a fetish for waxed cotton. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Def Junk: Russell Simmons officially launches his already launched hip-hop-on-the-back-nine fashion brand. It will suck. [Celebrity Brands]

How To Pronounce Comme des Garçons: Don't blow this one. [Robby Wells]

International Champion: According to the Nielsen company Gucci is the most desired fashion line in the world. Tom Ford commemorates the success of his former employer by rolling over in his sable-covered bed and snoring. [Bloomberg]

High Kicks: Adidas has their Yohji Yamamoto. Now Puma has their Hussein Chalayan. [Fashion Week Daily]

Hang The DJ: Dear Elle UK, hitting "play" on iTunes does not count as "branching out." [ElleUK]