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Alyssa Arce Didn’t See You There

The Old Ways: ACL shares the story of a traditional October hunting trip, complete with video. [A Continuous Lean]

Awesome People Hanging Out Together: We know, it sounds like a blogger fantasy, but apparently Picasso and Gary Cooper were pretty close in the ’50s. [Driven]

All in the Weave: A look at the faces, threads and machines that bring you Harris Tweed. [Brain Pickings]

Cords of the Future: And in honor of Corduroy Day (that’s 11/11/11, get it?), we offer this pair of Ovadia cargo cords. [Ovadia & Sons]

And to all a good weekend!

It’s Pretty Warm in Here

The Beach Essentials: Valet rounds up everything you need for the beach. They forgot rum. [Valet]

From the Archive: More goodness from Archival Clothing. This time it’s a crop of handsome Breton-striped shirts. [Archival Clothing]

Making Babies: A guide to delivering a baby, just in case. Your future nephew will thank you. [Art of Manliness]

The Camo Bowtie: The worlds of deer hunting and southern society join together in one bifurcated bowtie. [T Magazine]

Coming in from the Cold


The latest crop of APC gear is landing in stores this week, which means the usual assortment of close-cropped flannel, some intensely speckled sweaters…and this hat.

We’re not quite ready to call it a trend just yet, but we’ve been waiting quite a while for a faux-fur earflap hat that didn’t make us look like a Cossack or a duck hunter—and we suspect we’re not alone. This one doesn’t ditch the woodsy vibe entirely, but adds enough rough plaid grunginess to give urban dwellers a little cover. And since it’s a good deal warmer than all the equally handsome alternatives, the cold should do the rest.

It’s Not a Good Day to be a Goose


Ralph Lauren’s take on Americana has had a lightly ironic touch to it, but it’s been getting heavier in recent years.

Case in point: This latest pair of slippers, which tops off a handsome plaid pattern with a pair of playfully kitchy hunting figures. If it were just the gentleman with the long gun, we could take it in stride, but the sight of a Canadian Goose in mid-plummet was almost enough to make us laugh out loud. Which, for a pair of cozy Sunday slippers, is a pretty good quality to have.

Air Italia


We tend to associate Tom Ford with his ads, his suits, and his upcoming film work, but he’s developing a Paul Smith-like habit of developing fantastic, unattainably priced items seemingly out of nowhere.

Take this old-world hunting jacket, for instance. It’s part of Mr. Ford’s latest Italian pilgrimage, and the buttons are certainly reminiscent of Mr. Smith, but it also bears almost no traces of the usual Ford-ian machismo. Which could very well mean all those semi-pornographic print spots may well be a thing of the past…

Say it ain’t so, Tom.

On the Hunt


The Britons have many fascinating customs, but few are more sartorially lush than hunting. American hunting outfits tends to be waxed canvas, flannel, and the occasional silly hat, but the Britons are a bit more stylish.

For instance, this Stansfield Hunting Jacket. The patches give it a military look, but it’s never less than noble, and the off-kilter pockets and exposed buttons are icing on the cake. Of course, that beige plaid isn’t for beginners, but it’s probably the shortest path to looking like the Duke of Windsor.

At least without passing through Savile Row.