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The 58 Greatest Hawaiian Shirts of All Time

Hawaiian shirts

Fact: it takes quite the set of cojones to pull off wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Also fact: most men don’t have ’em.

That being said, there are some real pros out there who do. And right now, we’d like to honor these brave souls who’ve unwaveringly taken up the charge. Through painstaking research—no scene left unexamined, no paparazzi shot ignored—we’ve uncovered the best and boldest examples of tropical-print artistry. A testament to confidence, these men are standards to aspire to. (At least when it comes to visually making a statement.)

So without further ado, and in no particular order, we present to you the 58 greatest Hawaiian shirts, ever.»

Style Icons for George McGovern

Warren Beatty on the phone as he campaigns for Senator George McGovern’s Democratic presidential nomination.

Leading up to his 1972 presidential bid, Senator George McGovern, who died over the weekend at the age of 90, met with a group of Hollywood celebrities at the home of Shirley MacLaine. Since he was not well-known and had little support within the Democratic Party, it was decided that the entertainment industry could lend the McGovern campaign some much-needed credibility, charisma and cash.

And so a new generation of Hollywood liberal activists emerged, the first to do so since McCarthyite blacklists of the early ’50s had driven showbiz liberalism deep into the walk-in closets of Malibu and Mulholland Drive.

Warren Beatty, MacLaine’s brother, scheduled a series of high-profile concerts, fundraisers and East Hampton pickup baseball games, attended by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Burt Lancaster, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight and so on. “We got involved because we were people who cared,” Norman Lear told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday.

As such, we thought it a fitting tribute to the fallen senator to eulogize him in a pictorial we’re calling:

Style Icons for George McGovern...»

Elena Melnik Cannot Wait for Derby Day

  • Najib Benouar

Elena Melnikvia Mode

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Jennifer Massaux Chews on Curtains When She’s Happy

Jennifer Massauxvia WBE

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The Rum Diary vs. Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson/Rum Diary

With the release of the long-awaited film version of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary, we thought we’d lend a hand in separating debaucherous fact from debaucherous fiction.

In particular, we’re going to see how the rum-soaked shenanigans described in the book/film stack up against the real-life shenanigans that inspired them. We’ve teed up some of the most notable (notorious?) moments in the film below...

Buy the ticket, take….well, you know the rest»

Brigitte Bardot is Auctioning Her Towel

Brigitte Bardotvia Driven

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You Have Been Invited to a Couch

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Fare Thee Well, Elizabeth Taylor

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Out Of Africa

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photo courtesy of Taschen*

43 years ago adventurer / photographer Peter Beard published a landmark book on Africa, *The End of the Game*.

The pedigreed Yale grad - whose dashing grandfather, tobacco heir Pierre Lorillard IV is credited with popularizing the tuxedo - had met author Karen Blixen (aka Isak Dinesen) in Denmark, who sparked his interest in the Dark Continent.

Beard, pictured here in Kenya's Aberdare Moorlands in 1966 displaying some of grandpa's flair, went on to become not only one of our most interesting and accomplished cultural characters, but a true style icon as well, marrying Cheryl Tiegs and discovering Iman along the way. Taschen has just come out with a revised edition of the End of the Game, with a new foreword by Paul Theroux, a seasoned adventurer in his own right.

More on the new edition of Beard's classic»

Double or Nothing

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

We're sorry to say it, but Graydon Carter is a stubborn ass. Not eight weeks after we commended him for ditching unflatteringly-padded double-breasted suits in favor of sleek-making single-b.'s, the *Vanity Fair* editor is back enfolded in extra layers of fabric again, drawing undue attention to all those late night snacks at the Waverly.

We consider the pitfalls of the double-breasted jacket»