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Our Humble Suggestion: Keep Your Feet to Yourself

Michael Bastian

There’s a reason people don’t like flip-flops, but it’s not the reason you think.

Exhibit A is the latest quote from Michael Bastian, in support of his new flip-flop collab:

The main rule is if you're gonna wear a flip-flop, you've gotta keep your feet in good shape. Even if that means a full-on pedicure, you gotta do it. Wearing flip-flops is a privilege, not a right.

That’s all true. If you want to devote your energies to rehabbing your feet, you can do that. And once you’ve tanned, toned and pedicured them into display condition, you’ll be a lot better prepared for flip-flops. But we’ve got a humble suggestion, while there’s still time to change your mind...


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Our Humble Suggestion: Stop Messing With Chucks


Life’s too short to get angry. But from time to time, we see something befuddling, ridiculous or just plain wrong…and we feel compelled to offer a humble suggestion for improvement.

The picture above is the latest Converse collab, which unfortunately finds Givenchy in the middle of their leopard-print phase. It’s also quite possibly the least punk rock thing we’ve ever seen. We don’t blame Givenchy: by now, the Chuck Taylor’s been redesigned, remixed and relauched so many times, it’s lost every ounce of insurgent cred it had. It’s a shame because under the right circumstances, it’s still a pretty great shoe, but it’s losing ground with every outlandish designer collab.

So we’d like to offer the following Humble Suggestion: maybe give it a rest for a few years. Let the poor man catch his breath.