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Mila Kunis is Riding a Yeti

Cross Dressing: A blogger comes forward with his style secret: wearing women’s ballet socks under boat shoes for a sockless look. The internet at large has yet to heartlessly ridicule him. Well played all around. [A Trip Down South]

Against Food: B. R. Myers has had enough of foodies. We’ll believe him when he pledges to eat nothing but porridge. [The Atlantic]

There Goes Sunday: Criterion comes to Hulu Plus with 400 Blows and a mind-blowing number of Zatoichi movies. [Criterion]

Saddle Up A photoessay of a motorcycle ride to San Quentin. [Apropos Foto]

Sharing the Remote

  • Najib Benouar


Done right, the gadget gift can be a perfect cross-generational gambit—so as part of our ongoing gift coverage, we thought we’d tip you off to the the Roku XDS, our favorite gadget of the year.

The controls are about the same as your standard hotel pay-per-view set up: flip through a few titles with synopsis blurbs below, decide on one and click play. The difference is, you’ll be choosing from anything on Netflix, Hulu, or even Pandora if you need a jazz-funk mix for the post-holiday cleanup. And most importantly, it’s the kind of thing you can spend the morning hooking up—which is as honored a holiday tradition as we can think of.

And Dad has been meaning to catch up on his Newhart…

The Need for Speed


There’s no shortage of campy Japanese imports these days, but the pioneers still have a bit of kick in them. For instance, our old friend Mr. Racer…

Speed Racer has finally made it to Hulu (via Autoblog), with 51 of the 52 American episodes just uploaded to the increasingly monolithic network video site. It’s every bit as over-the-top as you remember it, even if recent years (and a certain Wachowski Brothers film) have made the sensory overload a bit more manageable.

Now the question is, how soon can they get the Hanna-Barbera catalog up there?

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