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Stylish Dictators, a Significant Moment in Menswear and How to End a Conversation

  • Kempt Staff

River Phoenix

Despot On: Esquire mourns the death of dictatorial style with the passing of Hugo Chávez.

Going Ham Leg: Peeking into the New York loft of world-renowned chef Seamus Mullen.

Private Eyes: Wax Wane dissects what might be the greatest menswear line of the past decade, from long-lost label Number (N)ine.

The Endgame: While they’ve taught you many tricks to the nuance of stimulating conversation, Art of Manliness now tackles how to end one.

Tooting Our Various Horns, Chewing Coca and Waiting On Line for Our Jordans

Hugo Chavez

Fashion Migration: After recent magazine collapses, the web has become become, "the Wild West," of fashion coverage according to former InStyle senior editor and current Jezabel manager Anna Holmes. Yippie-ki-yay. [NY Observer]

Breakfast of Champions: A fresh mouthful of coca leaves every morning keeps husky, Naomi-Campbell impressing dictator Hugo Chavez STRONG AS BULL. [NYPost]

It's All in The Wrist: The finer points of jacket sleeve buttons. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Recommended Dosage: The Capsule men's trade show digested and reviewed by some guy we totally don't know. [Refinery29]

It's Gotta Be The Shoes: So, did you get your Jordan XX3s? []

_The Quantum of Silence_: Is _not_ the title of the new Atom Egoyan film making the rounds at Sundance. Rather…? [Material Interest]

Stuffing The Ballot Box: The Fabbies, the awards for best fashion websites have posted their nominations. You might want to check out the "Men's" category… just sayin'. [The Fabbies]

"A Blood Bath Punctuated by Occasional Bouts of Clumsy Dialogue" : This weekend, screw everything else. You're going to see Rambo. [NYTImes]

Posable Posen, Pants Up and Diva Behavior


Suspending Judgment: A dissenting opinion on the current popularity of braces forwarded through exemplars like Urkel. [Casanova Peasant]

A Waist of Money: Speaking of keeping your pants aloft, this belt will set you back a cool $18,000. [NYMag]

Classic Cut: 501 jeans, the collector's edition. [Retro To Go]

Imitation of Life: If you thought Zac Posen was already a little Stepford creepy… [Fashion Visa]

Cut Corners: Small-time hood Wesley Snipes breaks some lesser laws. [Manolo for the Men]

Image Maker: Valentino's new men's line will take direct inspiration from the house's founder. Shocker. [DNRNews]

Cutting Edge: At Hong Kong Fashion week the models are fully trained in the ancient arts of self defense. [Monsters and Critics]

Buyers Beware: It doesn't matter if you're a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman with millions of dollars of purchasing power, the ability to save or destroy fashion labels and a lifetime in the industry—if Beyonce needs to sit, they're making you stand. [The Observer]

A Match Made in Heaven: Rumors are swirling that the bombastic, unpredictable fashion diva Naomi Campbell and bombastic, unpredictable semi-fascist dictator Hugo Chavez are now are getting all Nic and Carla. Lovers of democracy beware. [Fashion Mag Daily]

Missoni Family Line, Slamming the Door and More


House of Missoni: Angela Missoni heads to the family photoalbum for inspiration. [DNRNews]

Style Revolution: Hugo Chavez tells Naomi Campbell that his personal sartorial inspiration is Fidel Castro. Was there ever any doubt? [Contact Music]

Courtly Graces: Blended-malt feminist offers hung-over invective against men holding doors for women. We'll remember to lock it behind us next time. [Arena]

High-Def Drams: Speaking of malts, check out the first web video channel dedicated to whiskey. []

Not Just Fridays: A quick tutorial on business casual. [London Times]

Stop, Hammer Time: Baggy vs. binding as Times editors discuss the relative merits of denim fits. [The Moment]