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The 64 Greatest Pajamas of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


What you wear to bed can often feel like an afterthought...

But not today.

Because today we’re giving sleepwear, in all of its glorious forms (including Marilyn Monroe’s lack thereof), its proper due. And after a painstakingly thorough search—no movie set, red carpet or private boudoir went unturned—we managed to assemble a definitive list of the 64 greatest moments in pajama-dom. That’s right, we found every last one of them.

So, without further ado: let us count down the 64 greatest pajamas, ever.»

Amber Anderson is Uncombed

The Internet is On Fire: As you may have heard, some pretty scary internet privacy stuff is happening right now, specifically surround a program called Firesheep. Here’s how to keep yourself protected. [Boing Boing]

Rabbit Redux: Roger Ebert, the wise grandfather of the internet, descends to mount an impassioned defense of Hugh Hefner. Good stuff. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Sharpee Art: David Shrigley is the coolest person ever. [World’s Best Ever]

Loom Porn: Another day, another throwback denim line. 14 ounces of glory, people. [The Bengal Stripe]

Rowena Has Made a Hipster Carpet

Like “Taunting the Bear,” but Catchier: The Quarterly coins a new phrase, “fucking the babysitter,” for self-inflicted disaster. [GQ]

Speak, Voicemail: Clive Thompson has stopped talking on the phone…which explains why he’s not taking our calls. [Wired]

The Housecoat Speaks: Hugh Hefner defends his legacy, on the eve of a new doc celebrating his works. [Vulture]

Have a Seat: Behold, the spectacle of a Corvette seat being manufactured. [Core77]

Samantha Gradoville is a Big Elvis Costello Fan


Nice Glasses: We hope this look catches on. [Ben Trovato]

Last Action Hero: Leonardo da Vinci may be about to get the Sherlock Holmes treatment. To be fair, he has a pretty sweet helicopter. [/Film]

Unsigned: After EMI’s recent troubles, Gizmodo calls out the entire music industry. See also. [Gizmodo]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Hugh Hefner’s teenage cartooning gets the archival treatment. A little tame, but still worth a look. [Seattle Pi]

Take a Ride


Lingering: Refinery29 remains on the forefront of the lingerie beat. [Refinery29]

On Wheels: The Hef puts his old limo up for sale…but you might want to wash it first. [Luxist]

Hat to the Future: Future hats from Back to the Future Part II are now on sale. What a country. [Gizmodo]

Who Sane?: The Moment corrects your pronunciation of Hussein Chalayan with noticeable irritation. [The Moment]

Light Reading


The digital revolution has brought a lot of changes to the world of gentleman’s publishing, but Playboy has been remarkably slow catching on. Thankfully, with a little help from Bill Gates, they’re finally making up ground.

The first step is putting all of their archives online, thanks to Bondi Digital Publishing and MSN’s Silverlight viewer. To put that in perspective, we’re talking about 53 years worth of magazines…and more than 600 centerfolds. Not bad for a days work.

Of course, we’re guessing you already know about the publication’s storied history, the Marilyn spreads crowding Nabokov interviews, and the general legacy of Hef. But on the off-chance you don’t, this would be a pretty good place to start.

Stimulating Sights


Playboy may be in dire straits at the moment but we’re pretty sure they’ll land on their feet. For one, they’ve got quite an art collection.

Well, the auctioneers must have been quite persuasive, because Hef & Co. are going in for their second art auction in less than a year. Of course, the previous one grossed just under a quarter of a million dollars, so we understand the temptation.

It’s enough to keep the empire running for another weekend.

See more of the pictures»

Rabbit, Run


If we were to write up a list of recession-proof commodities, nudity and beer would be pretty near the top. But apparently beer isn’t the staple it used to be, and nudity isn’t doing too well either.

Playboy lost $156 million last year, prompting the CEO of its parent company to say they were “open to discussions” on a sale. It’s the media equivalent of a fire sale…which makes us worry for the financial prospects of the Girls Next Door.

While Playboy has been rolling downhill for the past few decades, but it’s still jarring to think of a world without it. After all, you can’t hide a laptop under your mattress.

Play Pals

  • Jared Paul Stern

With a $500 price tag, its own velvet-lined suitcase and more melons than the fruit aisle at Whole Foods, *Playboy*'s limited edition *The Complete Centerfolds* book we told you about last November was one of those overly-ambitious ventures - much like the seven girlfriends - that seem to characterize Hef's evening years.

Now however, perhaps responding to market pressures, they've released a more recession-friendly edition without all the bells and whistles, but still including every single strumpet to grace the famed gatefold since 1953 - over 600 of them to be exact. Presented chronologically in large format, it's remarkable to chart the progression of soft porn aesthetics over the decades, changing with tastes and times. One thing's for certain, however: melons have been in season for 50 years.