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Huffy Pfetten, Strung Up and On Strike


In a Huff: Huffpo blogger Verena von Pfetten thinks Marc Jacobs isn't a real "designer" because his design process, "involves trolling vintage shops, copying the pattern, adding hearts, and changing the color to purple," and " Obviously, Verena did not graduate from Parsons. [Huffington Post]

Nabbed: The fashion bandits are in custody—you may now sleep securely. [Javno]

Fashion Links: CNN wonders out loud if there is any style in American golf. We still miss Payne Stewart. [CNN]

Net Result: The English press have declared the string vest officially dead. We invite them to visit the corner of Amsterdam and 108th, where it lives on in all its glory. [The Daily Upgrade]

Picket Signs: L.A. stores are hurting due to the writer's strike, which has frozen the market for oversized fleece sweaters and cotton house pants. [DNRNews]