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Shiny Suits, Fancy Houses, and the Institution of Marriage


Flashing Lights: The European take on workwear is more…fluorescent. [International Herald Tribune]

The Knot: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen finally make it official. Does this mean they’ll have to stop living in sin? [People]

Mental Sprawl: Forbes counts down the most expensive fictional homes, which is pretty much all we can afford these days. [Forbes]

All Things to All People: Ralph Lauren Rugby, Metropolitan, Michael Williams, and Jared Paul Stern: it’s a Kempt quadfecta! [Luxist]

Wee House on the Prairie


The idea of cashing out and moving to a cabin in the woods is getting more and more appealing each day. And if you feel like leaving behind all your possessions, you’re probably looking for something minimalist…

Allow us to introduce Weehouse, a St. Paul-based firm that’s managed to turn modular pre-fab housing into a genuinely attractive option. The houses come fully assembled and furnished, and the flat rate means you know exactly how much you’ll pay. Prices range from $65,000 to $255,000 for a quadruple-sized three-bedroom unit.

They also do custom work under the name Alchemy, but you can find carpenters anywhere. Finding a good cabin is quite a bit harder.

See the various models»

Ties, Books, and Still More Vanity


Stripes of Summer: The dangerous allure of the white striped tie is considered. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Vlogs, and the Media Moguls Who Love Them: A Facebook group stunt goes awry and a long-suffering underling pays the price in this web short. [Vanity Fair]

Western Homes: Considering American houses…no, that’s not a metaphor for anything. [A Continuous Lean]

Is Your Refrigerator Running?: A brief overview of the rich world of prank phone calls. [AV Club]

Shirts, Books, Shirts, Books: Taking a literary inspiration for your style is a great idea. If you’re that into sci-fi, you’re probably screwed anyway. [Details]