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The Four Ways to Approach Binge-Watch Shows

  • Geoff Rynex
The Four Ways to Approach Binge-Watch Shows

Tomorrow, the all-consuming, all-entertaining House of Cards returns to Netflix for its third season. Since they first flooded their way onto our screens, Netflix, Amazon and any other release-it-all-at-once studios have made it so any sense of restraint or... needing to get out of the house sometimes just flies out the window. We’re going to choose not to judge that (because we’ve consumed a few of these shows in potentially unhealthy doses ourselves).

All we’ll do is break down your four approaches to binge-watching.

A House of Cards Master Class in Power Suiting


Last Friday, just in time for Presidents’ Day weekend, Netflix released Season 2 of its deliciously sinister, DC-centric original series, House of Cards. But... you already knew that. In fact, you probably spent your day off binge-watching all 13 scheming, Spacey-filled episodes, didn’t you?

Not to worry; so did we.

And now that we’ve made it out of the rabbit hole, we’d like to look back at the on-screen style of the series’ not-to-be-fucked-with master of ceremonies. Because while that old adage might say to “dress for the job you want,” he’s got a thing or two to teach us about dressing for the job you’ll do anything to get.

Your next-level power suiting primer from House of Cards’ Frank Underwood, after the jump...»