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Toni Garrn Can See Her House From Up Here

  • Najib Benouar

Ghostface for the Block: The NY Times reports that a Hollywood Squares remake is in the works—trading over-the-hill celebrities for aging rappers. This is going to be amazing. [The NY Times]

Statesman of Style: Winston Churchill was rocking embroidered slippers since before you were born, young man. [The Paris Review]

A Call from Cooperstown: The Baseball Hall of Fame offers 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer an internship. Hilarity ensues. []

Come, Come, Mr. Bond: The Telegraph rounds up the most iconic hotels that 007 has stayed in. Start packing your bags. [The Telegraph]

The Hook

hotel coat hangers

Here’s a good idea from another Old & New alum: hotel coat hangers. Of course, if you want to actually fit them into your closet, you’ll have to work up some sort of impromptu hook from a few spare wire hangers—but once you’ve made it, you’ll be able to drape your jacket over a genuine piece of 1950s kitsch. And if you’re expecting any light-fingered houseguests…

Do Not Disturb


This in-room installation piece just debuted at The White Hotel in Brussels, making for one of the more hallucinatory hotel stays in Europe. There’s a microphone just off-camera, and any sound it picks up gets translated into colored bubbles, which projected onto the wall above the bed. The result is a cascade of Technicolor circles, which bounce over the headboard, the night table and (eventually) the ground. It looks pretty good…but for the sake of our sleep cycle, we hope there’s an off-switch.

See the installation in action»

Staying the Night


At the high end, hotel swag can include anything from a dash of cologne to a full tweezer set, but one Swedish hotel is venturing a little further. Check into the Berns Hotel in Stockholm and you’ll get this impeccably packaged 3-pack of condoms, known to the manufacturers as “a pack of love.” It’s a good idea, considering what goes on in most Swedish hotel rooms, but turn the box over, and you’ll find a more sentimental inscription: “It’s about love.” Well, not necessarily…