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Slimmer Down Now

  • Najib Benouar

A good wallet is hard to find. Especially for summer (when you’ve shed your most pocketed layers).

You want to carry around the essentials (cash, ID, credit, a racy photo of your pen pal) without a Costanza-esque brick bulking up your pocket. Our friends at UrbanDaddy turned us on to this handsome Horween Chromexcel leather card case from Hellbrand—they strip away all the unnecessary flaps and folds, and leave you with a few slots for cards and enough room for a few folded bills in the middle. It’s even slim enough to slip into your front pocket without causing any noticeable breaks—and as rugged as your pair of Horween Chromexcel leather boots.

Which means it’ll weather just as gracefully.

The Mighty Oak

Oak Street Bootmakers

We’re not immune to a bit of shoe lust here at Kempt, and this pair of mocassins from Oak Street Bootmakers is easily our favorite of the summer. It splits the difference between our beloved Sebagos and something a bit more adventurous—and since the suede in question is from Horween, it’s likely to be one of the more durable items in your closet. Do your worst.

The Cobbler's Belt

Leffot x Horween

Shoemakers know leather better than just about anyone…so it stands to reason they’d make a damn good belt. This one comes from Leffot and Horween leathers—the same collaboration that produced those handsome watchbands way back when. We give extra points for the smoky shadows along the edges. Now, to find an equally smoky pair of oxfords…