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The October Issues

  • Najib Benouar

It’s October (yes, already) and that means one thing: a new crop of magazines has hit the shelves. September was the big rallying point for the fall menswear transition, so now it’s less about how fall looks and more about how fall feels: there’s tweed, the upcoming elections and awards season jockeying (coincidentally, each cover featured an A-list actor). So, let’s get into it.

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The Anti-Hoodie

  • Najib Benouar

We’re reluctant to even call this handsome hooded cardigan from Svensson a hoodie at all.

Sure, it’s got a hood—but that’s where the comparisons with the Zuckerberg-favored zip-ups end. For starters, this has got buttons instead of a zipper. And instead of the formless jersey cotton, this has been knit in Tuscany by master weavers and designed in Sweden by masters of staying warm (the Scandinavians have a proud history of coziness). We’ve been patiently waiting for Svensson’s knits to land stateside since discovering them last winter and were pleased to see a few have finally made it.

If ever there were a hooded sweater that might be appropriate to show up to a multibillion-dollar IPO investors meeting, this would be it.

That Feel


It’s easy to forget in a world of e-commerce and blogs, but how a shirt feels can be every bit as important how it looks—especially when you’re dealing with clothes more suited to Sunday afternoon than Monday morning.

Which brings us to Sunspel. They cut their teeth making some of the best undershirts in England, but their latest lookbook finds them branching out into hoodies, sweatshirts, and something they’re referring to as “long john pants” that probably shouldn’t leave the house. In other words, it’s loungewear made from some of the softest cotton and wool you’ve ever laid hands on.

Oh, and they still make a pretty handsome polo shirt.

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The Denim Hoodie


The hoodie doesn’t get a lot of respect, but when you’re settling in for a quiet Sunday night of playoff basketball and slow-cooked pork, it’s nice to have one around. Preferably one that’s soft, warm and Japanese.

This Anachronorm zip-up is all three, in a heathered midnight blue that looks suspiciously like raw denim—right down to the rivets. It makes sense, given all the amazing jeans they’ve put out over the years.

The only downside: you’ll have to keep it quarantined from your real-life denim. But hopefully you’ve got a pair of beater khakis for just these occasions.

The Horror of the Onesie


We try not to get too worked up about the slankets of the world, but a newly arrived item in LA’s Kitson Robertson seems dangerous enough to require immediate action.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fair isle onesie. Look upon it, and despair.

It’s basically a full-body hoodie (or if you prefer, a footless footie), the kind of thing you wear to broadcast the fact that you’ve stopped trying to interact with anyone who isn’t a cat. Sure it’s comfortable; that’s why it’s dangerous. That sweatpantsy indulgence is what leads intelligent, capable members of society into a life of indolence, shame, and blogging about microwaved foods.

Also, while it’s not mechanically impossible to have sex while wearing a onesie, it does seem unlikely.

You’ve been warned.

Going Dotty


Thom Browne has been venturing away from the shrunken suit look lately, but this (hat tip) might be the first piece he’s made that counts as Kanye-esque.

The shell is a classic Americana piece, a rainwear parka that wouldn’t look too out of place on Clark Griswold, but once you add polka dots it starts to look an awful lot like streetwear. It is a hoodie, after all.

We’re certainly not complaining; it’s always good to see a designer testing the limits of their talent. We just didn’t expect there to be so much in it for Pharrell.

Under the Hood


Now that we’re heading into the rainy season, it might be a good time to get your outerwear in order. And if you’re more into hoodies than parkas, we’d recommend this lightweight shell, known to the Nau crowd as the Rebound Jacket. (Hat tip to acquire)

As usual with Nau, the fabric is space-age, silent and much lighter than you think, but the best part is that it’s knit instead of woven, so it breathes without letting through rain or the occasional gust.

After this, you may have to take up jogging.

Silver and Gold


Quiksilver isn’t a brand that’s on a lot of people’s minds these days now that the surfer and skater crazes have gently passed us by, but they’re still up to some interesting things.

The Limited Collection—shorthand for the more experimental wing of the brand—just put out their Spring ’09 line, and there are more than a few pieces worth checking out. Most of it stays firmly in Spicoli territory, but that’s not such a bad thing these days, especially with winter beach season rolling around. On the creative front, they’ve got hoodie oxfords, cardigan shirts (which they endearingly refer to as “shirtigans”), and this electric blue number, which may be the most unapologetically sunny piece we’ve seen in showrooms in quite some time.

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