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Style Icons in Their Stylish Homes

  • Najib Benouar


For all the agonizing over style icons that happens online, we rarely look beyond the clothes. Which is an oversight worth correcting—especially with the recent uptick in attention to home furnishings across the menswearosphere.

So we looked into the matter, and as it turns out, the homes of most of our style icons were just as stylish as the men they housed. (Not to mention, it’s reminded us of how good looking a well-stocked bookshelf can be.) So without further ado:

Let us observe the style icon in his natural habitat.»

Your Summer House Essentials

  • Najib Benouar


Everyone needs a good summer hideaway.

It could be the family lake house, a weekend rental on the Cape or just a really summery corner of your sixth-floor walkup.

But to really make it feel right, you’ve got to have the right vibe—which, granted, is a little different if you’re summering near the sea versus a woodsy lake or river. So we’ve gone ahead and found some handsome appointments and setting-appropriate curios to properly equip your abode.

Here’s what you need to stock that summer shack of yours, depending on whether you’re heading inland or to the beach.»

Stylish Dictators, a Significant Moment in Menswear and How to End a Conversation

  • Kempt Staff

River Phoenix

Despot On: Esquire mourns the death of dictatorial style with the passing of Hugo Chávez.

Going Ham Leg: Peeking into the New York loft of world-renowned chef Seamus Mullen.

Private Eyes: Wax Wane dissects what might be the greatest menswear line of the past decade, from long-lost label Number (N)ine.

The Endgame: While they’ve taught you many tricks to the nuance of stimulating conversation, Art of Manliness now tackles how to end one.