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40% Off at Levi’s. It’s Glorious.

  • Kempt Staff


Things that say “It’s the holidays”: Gifts. Eggnog. Roasting chestnuts. Levi’s holiday collection.

About that last one...

Levi’s is really kicking the holiday spirit into high gear today by throwing one heck of a sale, with everything 40% off. It’s today and Monday (we’ll understand if you stop reading and start clicking now, by the way) and perfectly timed to help you knock out all the requisite gift-giving on your list—it’s inevitable that you know at least one certain special someone who could use a handsome flask. But should you be in the mood for a bit more self-giving, allow us to point you toward the perfect way to update your corduroy trouser situation with Levi’s spot-on trim cuts. You’ll probably want to pick up a festive cable-knit sweater and a winterized trucker jacket, too, just to make sure you’re fully prepared for the holiday-party circuit. Oh, and to sweeten the pot: you’re also getting free shipping.

Yep. Might want to get your head start now.

The Kempt Holiday Lookbook

  • Kempt Staff


The holidays are upon us once again.

You’ve got turkeys to carve. Champagne bottles to open. Colleagues to glad-hand. Old acquaintances to get reacquainted with... You know, the usual.

And since we’re here to help guide you through it all as handsomely as possible, we’ve put together a little sartorial inspiration board for the occasions ahead of you—borrowed from this season’s best lookbook snaps.

We’re calling it the Kempt Holiday Lookbook.»

Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2013

Father's Day

All right, the man’s not perfect. But he’s your father. And this Sunday, you have to show him that you appreciate that.

Now, fathers are certainly easier than mothers when it comes to these sorts of things. All dear ol’ Dad probably expects is your presence and a strong handshake. And maybe a card. But since he taught you not to do anything half-assed—for better or worse—you should probably go ahead and get the guy something anyway. And no excuses here; you can afford to splurge a little on the man you owe half your existence to.

From GQ to Cool Hunting to Vanity Fair, everyone’s got their opinions on where you should spend that pretty penny. So in an effort to simplify the decision, we’ve cut through all that noise and chosen our favorites... of their favorites.

For the slightly narrowed field, take a gander at Kempt’s Second Annual Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides (in order of Dad’s expected reaction), after the jump...»

Making the Most of Memorial Day

Drinking Games

There is no better season for drinking during the day than the summer.

Fine, spring is pretty great, too. And yeah, spiked cider in fall definitely doesn’t suck. But winter... all right, winter too has its perks. So let’s rephrase: there’s no better season for drinking and getting tan than the summer.

Traditionally, Memorial Day is when it all starts. Sure, maybe it’s not officially summer, but with a cooler of beer, good friends, good music and an entire farm’s worth of barbecue, it sure as hell does feel like it. Though like all good things, winning this glorious three-day jaunt requires some solid forethought. Luckily for you, we’ve done it already.

So settle in, crack open a cold one and listen up as we lay out the finer points of this weekend’s impending festivities...»

Celebrating Tweed Day the Only Way We Know How: Handsomeness

  • Najib Benouar

Tweed Day

Breaking news: today is, apparently, Tweed Day.

Now, we’ve taken a pretty hard-line stance against bullshit holidays in the past. We even spent the requisite paperwork and fees to name a “No Bullshit Holidays Day” (get excited for May 10, gentlemen).

But we’ve also been known to bend the rules every so often, because... tequila. And today, we’re revising our stance once more to include the glorious celebration of a fabric that we rely on so dearly during the fall and winter months but won’t see much of for the next six or so. Like most of these holidays, the founding is dubious at best—but ultimately, it feels like a good enough reason to give the rugged wools a proper farewell until we meet again.

So, we present to you: a photographic ode to the handsomeness of tweed.»

Pancake Sentiments and Porsche-ing Through the Snow

  • Kempt Staff


Panned: On the occasion of yesterday’s National Pancake Day, Slate explores the food’s inextricable link to breakfast.

Dr. Zoice: The Week counts down the 11 words you probably didn’t even realize you were mispronouncing. (You are.)

Nordic Tracks: One man. One 1966 Porsche 911. And the majestic expanse of Norway’s North Cape.

Characters Wanted: Bench & Loom’s Men of Character series reminds us why guys like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tazio Nuvolari are still considered icons to this day.

Winning Valentine’s Day: The Love Letter

  • Jason Wire

You know what the greatest Valentine’s gift of all time is? A fully loaded, pearl-white Ferrari made of roses.

But giving the same gift two years in a row would just be tacky. So this year you’re turning back the clock and winning Valentine’s Day the old-fashioned way: by writing a thoughtful, heart-melting and perfectly legible love letter.

Herewith: the Kempt Guide to Writing a Goddamn Stupendous Love Letter.»

Style Icons Wearing Santa Hats...

  • Najib Benouar

It’s Christmas Eve. That means at some point in the next 24 hours you might be faced with the opportunity to don a fur-lined topper, Santa-style...

Now, we included the Santa hat in our holiday must-haves, but with a stern disclaimer: there’s a time and a place for taking such a sartorial risk. If that time’s ever going to come, it’s tonight.

So in the event that you’re feeling up to the challenge, we’ve found some of history’s most stylish gents pulling off the look—from Bing Crosby to Ryan Gosling—and put them here for you, sort of as a sartorial confidence booster. (And as something to keep you occupied for the next couple days, until Kempt returns to our regularly scheduled dapperness.)

Presenting: the art of wearing a Santa hat, according to the style gods...»

How You’ll Say Thank You (for 30% Off)

  • Najib Benouar

In the totally warranted expectation that you’ll be showered with gifts this holiday season, you should be prepared to send some very thoughtful, handwritten thank-yous.

And you’ll want some appropriately engraved card stock to write them on, courtesy of the irreverent letterpress printers at Terrapin Stationers—which happen to be 30% off over at UrbanDaddy Perks right this instant. Whether it’s an obscenely gesticulating Santa or a simple “WTF,” your gifters will surely appreciate the equal amount of thoughtfulness from you.

We’re sure your granny loves a good obscene Santa joke as much as the next.

Edita Vilkeviciute Is Ready for the Ball

  • Kempt Staff

My Tie: Some well-deserved love for the herringbone tie—with some solid options, to boot. [Put This On]

Snow Business: Recounting the haunting tale of an avalanche in Washington—replete with impressive embedded GIFs of the snow and Doppler radar. [NY Times]

Another Look: Slate rounds up their top 10 most viral photos of 2012. [Slate]

Sheer Malice: A doctor diagnoses the injuries sustained by the “Wet Bandits” in a holiday film that just barely missed our list, Home Alone. [The Week]

Julia Nobis Has Been Tilting at Windmills

  • Kempt Staff

Get Your Fil: Mr. Lean heads to Seattle to check out the factory of the venerable outdoorsy outfitters, Filson. [A Continuous Lean]

Xmas Marks the Spot: Hitting the right note of festiveness on the holiday party circuit will require a bit of soul (and suit) searching. [NY Times]

The Dudek: Long lost in the back issues of Sports Illustrated is the story of how Bo Jackson changed the life of a kid named Dudek. [Grantland]

Nouuurishing: Vice manages to catch up with the most enigmatic Grammy nominee of all time, virtual unknown Al Walser. [Vice]

Revenge of the Nerd Crew

  • Kempt Staff

via GQ UK

Sweating It: Your 60-second guide to the holiday sweater (also a Kempt must-have). [Valet]

Easy Abe: Vulture ranks every Abraham Lincoln biopic ever made, in terms of how historically accurate they will make your school essay. [Vulture]

Geek Out: An excellent oral history on one of the greatest overlooked high school dramas of our time, Freaks and Geeks. [Vanity Fair]

Caps on Caps on Caps: In case our guide below wasn’t enough, here’s more knit caps for your wintry headwear needs. [To Take the Train]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Drunk* with Your Boss

  • Kevin Gray

*Please enjoy this list responsibly.

It’s officially holiday party season, which means your annual office gathering is just around the corner. And with it: an open bar. Last year, you heeded the conventional wisdom, had a couple drinks, some non-memorable conversations with your coworkers’ spouses. Briefly ruminated on the inevitability of death. Ate some goddamn cheese cubes on toothpicks.

But last year, you were missing an important bit of knowledge—see, the holidays are a competition. And by pairing your natural ability with a little insider knowhow, we think you’ve got a good shot at winning. Everything. But to start, we’ll tackle the nuanced art of drinking at your office party.

Because let’s face it: you work hard, you like parties. This time of year is your time to get one-drink-less-than-dead drunk while singing a few lusty ballads with a choice group of like-minded coworkers.

So do it. And keep your job. Here’s how.»