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Fanny Francois Is About To Do A Really Complicated Dive

Fanny Francoisvia WBE

The Jet Has Been Set: In honor of the upcoming long weekend, Details rounds up the best summer gear to bring along for the ride. [Details]

The Wind and the Rain: A look inside the studio of the great Nigel Cabourn. [Hypebeast]

The Hobo Beat: A 19th Century drifter dubbed “The Leather Man”was exhumed this weekend, but his identity remains a mystery. Enduring style tip: for a memorable first impression, make your pants out of old boots. [City Room]

Milk and Honey: Can men breastfeed? After much investigative chafing, Slate can definitively answer “no.” Sorry, guys. [Slate]

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Autumn Kendrick Has Deep, Private Feelings About Her Left Shoulder

Our New Favorite Blanket…: …is a wool blanket from Prince Edward Island, where the sheep seem to have superpowers. [Archival Clothing]

Tough as Boots: A 19th century hobo known as “the leather man” is about to be exhumed. Baller. [NYTimes]

Real Talk: Dan Neil makes a serious workwear cred grab, posting pics of his ten-year-old Carhartt jacket and calling out soft-handed hipsters for biting his steez. Mr. Neil, when we bite your steez, you’ll know it. [Wall Street Journal]

And Just Because It’s Friday: Here’s Nacho Figueras riding a Dr. Seuss creature. [The Gloss]

Rebecca Hall is Half Undone


Ms. Hall: Never underestimate the power of the sundress. [The Moment]

Cave People: Seattle’s Blackbird celebrates the life of Dugout Dick, one of the Northwest’s most prolific cave-dwelling hobos. His beard, in particular, was the stuff of legend. [Blackbird]

The Morning After: A troubling survey of your hangover-fighting options. Apparently tea is not the cure-all we thought it was. [Lifehacker]

They Call it Boobquake: Step 1: an Iranian cleric blames earthquakes on bared cleavage. Step 2: a media-savvy feminist organizes a cleavage rally in D.C., dubbed “Boobquake,” to call his bluff. Step 3: a massive earthquake rocks Thailand on the day of the rally. It was totally worth it. [Gawker]

The Hobo Knows


We’ve sifted through a lot of advice, but it’s rare that you find anything approaching real wisdom in a magazine. To get the good stuff, we recommend going to a slightly smellier, more grizzled source.

We’re talking about the Hobo Code.

Inscribed in the Annual Convention Congress of the Hoboes of America in 1894 (we hear the buffet was amazing), the Hobo Code has stood as the gold standard of vagrant ethics for more than a century, guiding famous vagabonds like Fry Pan Jack, Stormin’ Norman and Waterbed Lou as they rode the rails through the country. It holds up surprisingly well, especially if you ever find yourself in Hobo Court…

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