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Sponsored Post: Welcome to Hlaska

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The stylish, industrial-designed briefcase can be a hard thing to find. Unless, of course, you know where to look. Hlaska is a small Americana-based shop in California that specializes in industrial-designed wallets and bags, with limited runs, unique materials and a downright obsessive attention to detail—and you can find every last bit of it in their online shop. Dig through their catalog and you’ll find everything from oxford shirts to wooden radios—most of it American-made—and since you’re with us you can use the code kempt25 to get an extra 25% off. Tell ‘em Kempt sent you.

Every Day I Write the Book


We lose little things all the time without realizing, but the feel of pencil on paper has to be one of the most overlooked casualties of the digital age. We’re not complaining—this is a blog, after all—but we will make a suggestion. Next time you have an idea, don’t send yourself an email. Take out a notebook and write it down. It makes a difference, even if you can’t say exactly how.

This Hlaska notebook isn’t more than a bunch of blank sheets in cloth binding, but the little change may do a lot more for your creative juices than you think.

(Thanks to acquire for the dig.)