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Miranda Kerr Uses Her Ponytail for Balance

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Rope It In: A treatise on the roped shoulder (and how we might have gone too far with the unstructured-ness). [Wax Wane]

Loose Ties: Esquire profiles Massimo Piombo and also offers four ways to wear his suiting—three of which require a large scarf draped loosely around your neck. [Esquire]

Off-White Wedding: As wedding season continues, here’s a handy infographic on knowing whether you’re at a “hipster wedding.” Beware. [Refinery29]

Dread Not the PR Girls: The Paris Review imagines how authors of yore might have reported Fashion Week shows. Virginia Woolf seems nonplussed. [Paris Review]

Tumblr Ruins Everything


Trust the internet to take something beautiful and turn it into something slightly uncomfortable.

Take this young woman, for instance. She seems like she’s having a good time. She’s smiling, after all. Sure, her legs are crossed, but she doesn’t seem in distress. Certainly not like she’s looking for a bathroom or anything…

Unfortunately, after Hipsters Have to Pee, everything is suspect.

Renaissance Man


No sooner do we complement Kanye’s taste in denim than we hear his Yeeziness is planning a denim line of his very own.

It’ll be hard to top RRL, and the hipster/street divide is as difficult to bridge in fashion as it is in music. Then again, if anyone can bring the two camps together—possibly by sporting the perfect level of bagginess displayed in the picture at left—it’s Kanye. As legacies go, it wouldn’t be a bad one.

Let’s just hope it keeps him off the vocoder.

A Scantily Clad Heiress, Deadly Hipsters, and Exiled Rum


Part-Time Model: The occasionally exhibitionist heiress (no, the other one) strips down for Myla. [NYDN]

Hipsters will destroy us all: But not in a cool Mothra kind of way. [PSFK]

Rum in Exile: Forbidden rum is always the sweetest. [The Bachelor Guy]

Receding Clothing Line: Jude Law models for dunhill. Baldness jokes ensue.[Brandish]

It’s the Shades: Kanye makes the cut for Vanity Fair’s best dressed list. Once again, his MacBook Air is in danger. [Kanye’s Blog]

Bar Shots, Loading Dager and Glenn's Dress Code


Belly Up to the Bar: Thank ??? someone out there is poking around Russian Elle for Bar Refaeli shots. [Goldenfiddle]

Casual Friday: We're a little surprised that this internal memo from Interview on office dress code was even necessary. We could guess that this has something to do with the magazine's new Capo di tutti capi, Glenn O'Brien—but then again, the guy doesn't always hew to the rule himself. [Gawker]

Spice on Set: Failing fashion designer Victoria Beckham teams up with failing movie mogul Tom Cruise for what will almost certainly be Ben Stiller's ugliest film since "Meet the Fockers". [FemaleFirst UK]

Bowery Boy: Does John Varvatos even have time to design anymore with all these CBGBs questions? [NYTimes]

Cheap Shots: The best suits under $500 photographed by Scott "The Sartorialist" Schuman. [Men.Style]

Word Games: Watch as three out of four panelists stuff their feet straight into their mouths while attempting to define "Hipster." [PSFK]

Shwing!: Tom Ford wants you to appreciate the human dingle as much as he does. [NYMag]