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The Icon: The Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

Spending three decades in the public eye is no easy thing, especially when you’re lashed to a scene as ephemeral as old-school rap or hardcore punk. Or both. So we’d like to raise a glass to the Boys of Beastie, who have weathered the storm better than anyone could have expected, and emerged in the 21st century as models for what hip, punk-inflected 40-year-olds look like. Here are five high points, for your perusal.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Russell Simmons

Despite every indication to the contrary, a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be brilliant.

Caught outside Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash at Lavo, Russell Simmons costume doesn’t look that different from something he might wear on the street (give or take a few decades) but style is style. If you’re an old-school hip-hop legend, Adidas and chains are always going to look pretty good on you. And we’d guess he didn’t have to do too much digging to find the right ones.

As for a blow-by-blow of each item…we’d start here.

Three Inches High and Rising


Although we’re partial to the fabric-based end of things, we have to cop to this one: the perfect gift is usually some variety of toy.

And in the case of your more lyrically minded friends, it’s probably a toy replica of the three-headed lyrical beast known as De La Soul.

These limited edition figurines come courtesy of Kid Robot, which is why they’re so square, and why they’re warped enough that non-heads might not recognize the trio. But perched on top of the right boom box, they should be unmistakable.

Dirty Dita, Cavemen and Comme des Garçons Goes to The Mall


Bathing Beauty: Get out your water wings and take a dive with Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. [Men's Vogue]

Rock-A-Fellas: It's shaping up to be a banner week for ex-label mates and eternal hustlers Damon Dash and Jay-Z. [NME]

On The Trail: Will this campaign season ever end? [Guardian UK]

Ol' Blighty: Meanwhile the sceptred isle has its own sartorial issues. [Daily Mail UK]

Style Points: This seasonal scorecard of surviving menswear designers is probably the best digest of critiques we've seen all year... except our own, of course. [NYTimes]

Shock Teese: Our favorite burlesque star, Frau Dita Von Teese, once - surprise, surprise - filmed some kinky girl-on-girl porn, some of it hot, some of (particularly the bit with the shoes) not so much. Not to worry, we still file her under "classy broad." [Fleshbot, soooo NSFW]

Budget Kawakubo: H+M will borrow the outré edge of Comme des Garçons for a limited line this November. [Vogue UK]

Spelunking: Share your mancave with the world. [CNN iReport]

Guy Liner: Pete Wentz creates a make-up line for men, you know, because buying women's make up is kinda gay. [Styledash]

Deal Alert: Get your Hicky's. [Racked]

Wanton Suit Destruction, Lil' John Grows up, and The Cardigan Conspiracy


Negative Reaction: Kenneth Cole falls $3.1 million into debt. Where be your cheeky billboards now? [DNRNews]

Cardigan Cabal: The international press is conspiring to make the Cardigan today's, "dead sexy chick magnet." Almost Orwellian, ain't it?

Restoration Hardware: John Varvatos' conversion of CBGB's is taking for-frigging-ever. [Racked]

Lil' Bit More: Crunk poet and Renaissance man Lil' John not only has his own celeb clothing line on the way, but is currently vintnering up a storm at Little Jonathan Winery. All class that one. [Pro Hip Hop]

Collateral Damage: The new Bond film is an absolute blood fest, destroying one innocent Tom Ford suit after another. [VogueUK]

Co-Ed Naked Design: Matthew McConcaughey and his old lady create new clothes to shed while walking on sunny pacific beaches. [Gawker]

Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



Green Man: Nau co-founder Ian Yolles explains fashionable sustainability. [PSFK]

Not So Horny: "Vivid colors, flowing silk ribbons, and glittering bits of mirrors." And you thought Vikings looked like this, silly goose. [Eurekaltert]

Incoming!: Suface2Air's Spring/Summer 08 available now. [Word is Bomb]

The Boom Bip: The perfect footwear for the Ed Lover Dance. [Hypebeast]

The Barn Jacket: Seems we're not the only ones with a fetish for waxed cotton. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Def Junk: Russell Simmons officially launches his already launched hip-hop-on-the-back-nine fashion brand. It will suck. [Celebrity Brands]

How To Pronounce Comme des Garçons: Don't blow this one. [Robby Wells]

International Champion: According to the Nielsen company Gucci is the most desired fashion line in the world. Tom Ford commemorates the success of his former employer by rolling over in his sable-covered bed and snoring. [Bloomberg]

High Kicks: Adidas has their Yohji Yamamoto. Now Puma has their Hussein Chalayan. [Fashion Week Daily]

Hang The DJ: Dear Elle UK, hitting "play" on iTunes does not count as "branching out." [ElleUK]