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Your Five Pre-Fall Provisions

  • Kempt Staff
Your Five Pre-Fall Provisions

The leaves have yet to turn, but change is in the air.

Days are getting slightly shorter. Nights are getting slightly cooler. And your urge for tweed, getting slightly stronger. We’re entering the transitional phase between iced coffee weather and hot coffee weather—better known as pre-fall.

Thus, on any given day, you’ll need to be prepared for a sudden turn for the brisk. So we’ve put together the five key ingredients to keeping warm but not too warm in the weeks upcoming.

Mix to taste.

Kempt Digs: The Hill-side’s New Patches

  • Kempt Staff


The Hill-side has been trading in rare Japanese textiles for years, with their idiosyncratic ties loved the blogger-world over, and now they’ve gotten the brilliant idea of turning some of the scraps into iron-on patches.

Technically, you can use them to spruce up any clothing looking a little worse for wear, but we like the idea of an elbow patch—it’s no secret that we’re fond of a good set of elbow patches, but usually they’re your typical leathery or tweedy patch meant to blend in more than stand out. Since all of the packs come with three different patterns, you’ll either have to mismatch your elbows, fun-shirt-style, or buy two of the same set.

Get a closer look at our favorites, after the jump...»

An All-Japanese Shop Pops Up in Brooklyn

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Tonight: Williamsburg does its best Okinawa, as Hickoree’s becomes Hickoree’s Japan.

The three-week pop-up shop is taking over Floor Two with an entirely Japanese-crafted collection, as 20-plus makers deliver exclusive collaborations amidst a slew of inventory debuting stateside for the first time ever.

Take a closer look at the goods you won’t be finding anywhere else.»

The Gentleman’s Beach Bag

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The latest from Beach Week, our effort to send you to the shore in style this summer.

As your toolkit for the shore will make or break your trip to the shore—we’ve curated the essential carry for winning any beach weekend. We call it the Gentleman’s Beach Bag, and it’s got everything from the lotion for your nose to the seat for your bottom, and all manner of shenanigans for the in-between.

Herewith, everything you need for seaside domination...»