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The Six Hiking Boots for Your Suits

  • Kempt Staff


After we clarified the few times it’s okay to wear hiking boots with suits, we started noticing the look popping up everywhere: Sundance, fashion week, on our way into the office this morning...

And in the event that you’d like to trek into the territory of finishing your buttoned-up look with some ruggedness from the ankles down, we’ve rounded up the 12 best hiking boots for the job. (Do the math.)

Herewith, the six finest pairs of boots for your suits.»

The Few Times It’s Okay to Wear Hiking Boots with a Suit

  • Najib Benouar

"Listen Up Philip" Premiere - 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Take a close look at this snap just in from the Listen Up Philip premiere at Sundance.

You’ll notice that Jason Schwartzman is wearing hiking boots with his otherwise normal-looking suit and tie instead of a pair of hard bottoms. It’s an advanced move that we’ve seen pop up a few times over the years—and like most sartorial affectations, it looks better on the Internet. But we do see a few rare situations in which a stylish gentleman might find it appropriate to wear his hiking boots with a suit. And yes, premiering at Sundance is one of them.

We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the rest of the situations, after the jump.»

The Italian Guide to Layering


Our old friends at Camo just released a new lookbook for next winter—and while you won’t get your hands on any of the goods for six months or so, the layering wisdom is evergreen.

Take this gent, for example. It doesn’t look all that brisk where he is (Italy has a way of doing that), but between the cardigan and the wool jacket, it looks like he came prepared. The invisi-tie is purely aesthetic, but we imagine it helps.

Throw in some hiking boots—appropriate whenever there’s snow on the ground, but less oppressive than work boots once the weather starts to turn—and he’s fully kitted out. Take notes, gentlemen.

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