Pure Oscar Gold: There’s something about Fridays and
Charilze Theron that just works. [ href=""target="_blank">Egotastic]

Bush Warrior: A Scottish pilot get’s top-brass
approval for his handlebar mustache. Good to see there’s some progress
in Afghanistan. [ href=""target="_blank">BBC]

Kick Up Some Dirt: Seeking a leather alternative to
sneakers in these hot times? These boots are perfect for navigating
the sand storms of Manhattan. [ href="">The

We Can’t Fix You: Aww, poor self-deifying mope rocker
Chris Martin didn’t like the questions Radio 4 asked him. Bono never
had to put up with this. [ href=""target="_blank">BBC]

Sweet Leaf: Hicky Freeman reopens, stoner iconography
intact. [NYMag]

Fighting Over the Flow: Some sucka is suing the Jigga
claiming he thieved his style. This may be the worst idea ever. [ href=""target="_blank">New

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