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New Balance and Herschel Supply Co. Go All-Terrain

  • Najib Benouar

We’re of the mind that if you’re going to wear sneakers, they should be working for you, not against you—and most sneaker hybrids these days seem to be veering more toward high-fashion abstraction than utilitarianism.

Hence, we liked what we saw when we got a sneak peek at the New Balances coming out of their most recent shoe-plus-luggage collaboration with the Herschel Supply Co. They’re decidedly boot-ish and have a good amount of grip to assist in any climbing of subway stairs. Our favorite of the bags has a shoe compartment that makes an interoffice shoe change a cinch (because sometimes, your happy hour plans involve a hike). The whole collection is getting a limited release, launching tomorrow, so keep an eye out here for the drop.

And of course, we’ve got more looks at the shoes and bags after the jump.»

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The Camo Backpack

Herschel Supply

Every time we wear camo, we feel like we’re getting away with something. That’s the thrill of it, but it’s also a good reason to limit it to the odd accessory.

Like, for instance, this backpack from Herschel Supply. It’s loud, sure, but that won’t be a problem anywhere you’re likely to wear a backpack. (We’re thinking road trips and collarless Sundays--but probably not anywhere with a maitre’d.)

Otherwise, it’s a slimmer, more classic version of something you might see from the streetwear crowd. And they always did know their way around a backpack.