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Leah de Wavrin Is Making Sand Angels

  • Najib Benouar

Workwear That Works: The Carhartt Heritage lookbook is in—with healthy doses of both duck canvas and beards. [Hypebeast]

A Scotsman’s Advice: The Late Late slot can be a rough gig, but old Craig Ferguson seems to always make the best of it. (Like taking the show to his homeland.) [Vulture]

Pictures Worth a Thousand Bucks: Esquire gives us a look at the makings of a limited-edition Leica from Hermès. It’ll make your pictures more handsome. [Esquire]

Toy Story: Henry Ford decided he needed a wooden convertible to drive to his beach house. And the rest is history. [Driven]

The Classic Handkerchief

The graphic handkerchief has had a bit of a comeback in recent years, thanks in no small part to Drake’s, but they’ve been filling the pockets of the dandied class for upwards of a century.

And it just so happens a batch of vintage Hermès handkerchiefs is arriving on the auction block this Friday (hat tip), the perfect chance to sample the old ways for yourself.

The vintage versions are more intricate than what you’d see in the modern day, with large-scale prints of military landscapes or equestrian scenes, but the effect when one’s stuffed into the front pocket of your blazer is just a blur of patterned color.

Think of it as a victory lap once you’ve mastered white linen.

The January Issues

It’s magazine time again.

January’s usually an off month for glossies, which explains why this month’s crop is featherlight. Details didn’t even weigh in—thanks to December’s double-issue—but there’s still plenty to piece through, like the wisdom of Oates, blogger blue’s close-up and the rise of Parisian style.

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Kemptress: Lily Cole

  • Jared Paul Stern


Flame-haired Brit model Lily Cole is the latest testament to the indisputable superiority of French *Playboy* over the *frommage*-filled American original. Her *Lolita*-like cover pose - and the 14-pg. spread inside - is inspired by style icon Serge Gainsbourg's 1971 concept album *Histoire de Melody Nelson*. In a nutshell, the plotline involves Gainsbourg plowing his vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost into a teenage nymphet's bicycle as a prelude to seduction.

More on the lovers of Ms. Cole»

Croc Star

  • Jared Paul Stern


That eternally classic item of military-inspired menswear, the peacoat, has been interpreted in myriad different ways and fabrics over the years since it was first adopted by European navies some 250 years ago. Leave it to Hermes, however, to blow it out of the water.

For Fall, the famed house's menswear designer Véronique Nichanian made a peacoat entirely of top-grade crocodile skin that will set you back a cool $150,000 and change, which gets our vote for the season's most extravagant men's item. The Hermes flagship on the Upper East Side just got in two of them, we're told, in classic navy. You might be able to special order it another color—safety orange, say—if you're willing to wait a few months and further decimate the crocodile population.

Frankly, we can see multiple-MOTH Cameron Silver sporting one of these for a sojourn on Valentino's yacht or somesuch, but ordinary mortals will probably want to stick with the $120 version they sell at The Gap.

Cylons on Cycles, Cut-off Suits and Cheapskate Style


Vrrrrom!: Battlestar Galatica's Grace Park drives us a little crazy. [Egotastic]

Short Suit: Don't, okay? Just don't. [TelegraphUK]

For the Boys: Hermès to open men's only shop in our fair city. [DNR]

"What Makes Brad Pitt's Shirt Style So Great?": Maybe because he's Brad Pitt? Just putting that out there. [Tailor in Style]

Bang for Your Buck: It's a good time to be a cheap ass. [NYTimes]

Hat Head: Tips for capping your big, fat noggin. [Art of Manliness]