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Car Talk

  • Najib Benouar

If any of your fall plans involve motoring around in a 1930s open-top roadster with the wind flapping at your driving scarf, you’ll be pleased to hear Bench & Loom has just launched a webshop-within-a-webshop dedicated to old-timey motoring.

Amongst the great finds are roadster goggles, a leather racing helmet, some handsome driving gloves (number one on our Fall Must Haves) and, yes, even a silk driving scarf. Though the best of the lot might be this archival quarter-zip sweater from Dehen.

Because you can wear it while driving a car from any era.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Making a Crop Circle

  • Kempt Staff

via Doobybrain

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Check Your Head


Our enthusiasm for biking has been dampened by one simple, easily overlooked fact: Bike helmets tend to be incredibly ugly. Luckily, a few newer models have started taking a pointers from the flatter skateboard helmets and—in this case—worked in some actual fabric.

This Lacoste helmet manages the difficult trick of being both eco-friendly and sartorially accomplished. The first count comes from subbing in soft cork for the usual styrafoam. The second comes courtesy of our old friend the flat cap, which they wisely adopted as a style guide. Naturally, this one’s a bit beefier. It’s got a job to do.

Head Case


Helmets usually aim for a charmingly European nostalgia—much like the Vespas themselves—so the market is wide open for a few bubble-cases straight out of Flash Gordon.

Borsalino is an Italian heritage brand that takes a slightly different tack than the usual mod-inspired helmets by bringing in extra touches like fur and snakeskin-imprinted leather for a more adventurous take.

It makes sense—these are precision instruments, after all. Why not let all that technology show?

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