Flower Girl: Amanda Seyfried once starred alongside
Lindsay Lohan. That wheelbarrow back there is probably a trade up. [ href="">Vanity

The “Worst Golf Fashions”? Oh, Time, when
will you learn? The worse it gets, the better it is. [ href=",29307,1813195,00.html?xid=rss-topstories">Time]

Save The Tie!: Hell of a lot easier than saving the
whales, no? [ href="">Style

Man Talk: Shipley and Halmos discuss the finer points
of male grooming—Joey or Van? It’s Van. [ href="">A
Continuous Lean]

Mea Culpa: An Italian couple asks forgiveness for
having sex in a church’s confessional booth, which we see as kind of
pointless. We mean, once you’ve crossed that line, there’s really no
reason to even try to go back—hell awaits. [ href="">Telegraph

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