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Jutta is Doffing Her Cap

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: The world’s first robotic dance crew is serving fools like nobody’s business. We’re just sorry MJ didn’t live to see it. [Gizmodo]

Half Off: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pledge to give away half their fortunes to worthy causes—presumably including grants to men’s style bloggers. [VF Daily]

The Silver Bullet: At 62, Helen Mirren is still not afraid to choke a bitch. [NYMag]

It’s Hard Out There for a Chimp: Primate warfare is no joke. Someone should make a concept metal album about this. [NYTimes]

Silver Mimes, Helen Mirren, and Biters


The Rise of the Machines: Uniqlo’s upcoming Times Square promotion will involve thermograph scanners, silver body suits and human-sized vending machines which will contain mimes. Pray for the future. [PSFK]

Everybody Loves Helen: Esquire confirms that Helen Mirren is awesome. [Esquire]

Biters 2, The Return: The esteemed Paul Smith appears to have lifted a flickr image for his latest two-hundred-dollar t-shirt. Alas, the follies of biters. [BlackBook]

Mesh and Lace: A comprehensive guide to shoe lacings. Someday, this will be huge, we promise. [A New Morning]