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Magical Mystery Tour


The brewery tour is a long-standing highlight of masculine tourism, but the days of wooden kegs and sketchy tour guides may be coming to a close.

This pic is from is an experimental marketing plan for Heineken that would put visitors through a veritable Haunted Mansion of Heineken, including a psychedelic screening room, interactive tasting desks, and a star-shaped bar area that looks like it came straight from the notebook of an interior design class.

Sadly, none of it’s real yet, but we’re more than a little bit jealous. How long do we have to wait before ridiculous things like this start actually happening again?

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Table Hopper

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

In the latest installment of our occasional survey of the seating arrangements at A-list fêtes, we bring you this snap of hockey punk Sean Avery and well-traveled mannequin May Andersen at the dinner Brit-born, Aussie-raised actress Naomi Watts threw for her photographer brother Ben the other night at Milk Gallery.

The inexplicably fashionable athlete took time out from blogging about short suits and posing for Gap ads to chat up Ms. Andersen over several rounds of Heineken. Apparently he was just plastered enough to affect obliviousness to the forced smile she had on her face throughout the encounter; but here it is, captured for posterity.