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Heidi Klum, Fashion Week, and a Very Large Suit


Weigh Station: A German designer has declared Heidi Klum too fat to be a model. Something tells us Seal is beating the crap out of this guy as we speak. [Page Six]

Four Score…: Keeping score at fashion week is a full time job. So far, we’d say Robert Geller by a nose. [The Moment]

Lonely at the Top: The real victims of the downturn are Russian billionaires. [Luxist]

Think Big: Jonathan Demme finally spills the beans on David Byrne’s famous big suit. [The Guardian]

Model Behavior


After an afternoon of high fashion runway shows, the world of style can seem a bit insular…but it’s nothing compared to the world of modeling.

The web TV channel Modelinia just launched proclaiming itself as a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of models, but looks more like something you’d stumble onto at 3 a.m. on Bravo. Features range from fearlessly unironic advice from older models, a makeover segment called “high heeled boot camp,” and a frighteningly complete “model matrix” for tracking your favorites. The highlight is Heidi Klum’s Spiked Heel, in which she battles the forces of evil and unabashedly embraces camp—the money quote: “it looks like mayhem is the hottest look this season”—but the rest of the ladies here have yet to learn to stop taking themselves seriously.

The slogan says it all: “Because models don’t get enough attention.”

Beer, Bergeron &amp Heidi's Bruised Ass

Beer Market: In a shocking turn of events, beer sales increase at Wall Street watering hole as the stock market plummets [NYT]

We Know You Wonder: GQ breaks down the dome, summing up everything you need to know about fitting, buying and wearing a good hat. [GQ]

Shiner Behind Her: Tom Bergeron drops Heidi Klum on stage the 60th Annual Emmy Awards. The ass bruising seriously restores some street cred to the Dancing with the Stars host [ET]

Fall Time: VF rounds up this season’s must have watches, and even throws in a few looks for her. Get yourself a new timepiece and a jump on Christmas as well. [VanityFair]