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Menswear and the Time 100

Time unveiled their Top 100 fashion icons today, and it’s ugly stuff. Of the full 100, there are about 10 gentlemen whose wardrobe we’d actually like to dig into. Unfortunately, it’s not all James Dean...

It’s not that the list is bad, exactly. It’s just the latest in a long line of stodgy fashion pieces that completely ignore menswear. It’s enough to make you think the last 10 years never happened...

Naturally, we’ve got a few rejoinders»

Hedi Slimane, YSL and Why It Matters

The gentleman before you is Hedi Slimane, occasional photographer and sculptor, and (as of this morning) official creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, a post once held by Tom Ford, Stefano Pilati and, just 12 years ago, Hedi himself.

It’s big news in the capital-F Fashion world, but it should make a difference for anyone with lapels—even if you’re not keeping an eye on runway shows. So we’ve put together a quick guide to why you should care...

A quick dialogue on why Hedi Slimane matters»

Tadai Gets Rich, Topless Lohan, and the Swan Song of Mickey Rourke


Don’t Mess With Lohan: Lindsay Lohan does another set of topless snaps, courtesy of Hedi Slimane. Does this count as a step forward? [FashionIndie]

In Japan, Thermal Wrap Wears You: Tadai Yanashi, the owner of Uniqlo, is now officially Japan’s richest man. Suck on that, Shigeru Miyamoto! [Luxist]

It’s Fundamental: Esquire starts to read again…as we slowly stop reading Esquire. [Esquire]

Mickey Mouse Club: Vulture imagines the sublime trainwreck that could have been the Mickey Rourke acceptance speech. [Vulture]

Gisele Can't Keep Her Pants On, Waiting on Hedi, and Billionaire Style


Jean Genie: How is it that almost every sexy photospread comes along with some sort of statement that the model is really a tomboy? Just askin' [NYMag]

Not Tacky: Indeed, Needles is quite sharp [Men.Style]

Good for the Goose: See, even women like happy endings. [Gawker]

Yes or No: Hedi Slimane just keeps stringing us along. [Brandish]

Sliders in the Dirt: The all stars of scandal and sleaze. Too bad Roger Clemens is retired. [Radar]

Knit One, Pearl Two: Lars Andersson's menswear fresh off the loom. [The Pipeline]

How Billionaires Dress: Surprisingly, not well. [The Moment]

Hockey Punk

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

New York Rangers roisterer-turned-*Vogue* intern Sean Avery gets away with lots of out-there antics. We draw the line, however, at silver boots. Apparently Hedi Slimane has been passing these things around as a joke and fashion victims like our awkward forward here have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

More on the Mr. Avery's unlikely choice in footwear»

Crimes of Style, Leto Strikes Again and a Model Gets Her Big Break


Falling Arches: Model Erin Wasson broke her foot on a William Rast shoot, but like a true hockey player, she kept trucking. If she needs a place to rest her damaged hooves, she can always use our shoulders. [NYPost]

Spin Class: Decrease your carbon footprint with these two-wheeled designs. [NYMag]

Police Blotter: Style goes criminal as an Aussie clothier heads to the hoosegow, hoodlums rob Nicole Fahri at knifepoint and freak of the week Joseph Fritzl even dresses like because the living embodiment of a Thomas Harris villain. [The Moment]

Off to the Races: Remember to dress for Derby Day. [AP]

His So-Called Life: Everyone's got a reason to hate Jared Leto. [BlackBook]

Fake It 'Till You Make It: Sorry, kiddos, those Marilyn and Hendrix sex tapes are about as real as a Paris Hilton orgasm. [Radar and Reuters]

Hedi Octane Diesel: Mr. Silmane's first foray back into design may take the form of a Diesel Red collection. [WWD, 2nd item]

Glenn's New Gig, On Point in Brooklyn and The Body's Youth Movement


Creative Direction: GQ's beloved Style Guy settles in behind his new desk. "Mazeltov." says us. [WWD]

All Points East: Our favorite fashion adventurers head to the distant, savage shores of Greenpoint. [Refinery29]

Mating Habits: While Petra Nemcova surprises no one by taking up with Sean Penn, Elle "The Body" Macpherson (born March 29, 1963), keeps us guessing by with a possible link to Julian Schnabel's 21-year-old son. Insert joke about cougars and High-School daydreams here. [Style Dash]

Local Boys Big in Japan: Kempt faves Loden Dager preview their Uniqlo designs with a Tim Hamilton collection on the way. [Racked]

Puff's Revenge: Mr. Combs will be sending Ms. Lopez Sean John baby clothes for her newly arrived twins. This is no way to treat the woman who helped you stash your piece from the cops. [Media Outrage]

Bidding War: Our guess; this is as close as you'll get to getting under Kiera Knightly's skirt. [Clothes Off Our Back]

Hush Puppies: Now that German police dogs have shoes, it will harder than ever to convince them that they're not people. [AP]

Hold Your Breath: That Hedi Slimane/LVMH joint venture is looking more and more like a reality - knock on wood. [Thread Trend]

House of Hedi?

Heidi Slimane

Master of the narrow silhouette, Hedi Slimane, who traipsed out of Dior's door to pursue photography and greener pastures, is appearently in talks with Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH (Dior's parent company), to start his own fashion house. Even though the label Slimane rode to success, Dior Homme, remains strong under the hand of new designer Kris Van Assche, the market misses Hedi's unique touch. Let's hope those kids work it out. [DNRNews]

Man Week Maybes, John Maer, Hello Hedi and More

Guy Talk: Designers sound off on the possibility of a New York menswear-only fashion week. [Men.Style]

Radar Love: Is publisher Maer Roshan patronizing John Varvatos, or is Varvatos patronizing Roshan? [Gawker]

Off Off-Price: Ralph Lauren pulls clothes from discount retailers. [Trading Markets]

Hint Homme: Catching up with Hedi Slimane. [Mode et Utopie]

Cheap Wednesday: Dealfeed refers us to skinny denim discounts. [Racked]

Hardy Outlook: Brit line Hardy Amies ups its retail profile. [DNRNews]

Service with a Smile: Gridskipper reviews the rudest hip retailers in the city. We can't really relate as we get good treatment everywhere we go—no, seriously. [Gridskipper]

Ode to Joy

  • Jared Paul Stern


Now that the weather feels like Manchester, we thought it appropriate to chime in on the much ballyhooed Ian Curtis biopic *Control*. While The Clash's Joe Strummer worked hard to achieve style icon status, Joy Division frontman Curtis only really reached his posthumously—and even then to a much lesser degree. Of course, since he killed himself in 1980 at the age of 23, he didn't get much of a chance. But rakish rock'n'roll photographer Anton Corbijn goes some way toward setting the record straight in his supercool film.

More on the stylish trappings of Curtis' life »

Culture Clash

  • Jared Paul Stern


Few rock bands have had a greater influence on the cultural landscape than The Clash. Trying to trace all the evidence of their inspiration on fashion alone would be a Herculean task, but their influence on modern menswear can be seen in the designs of everyone from Helmut Lang to Hedi Slimane.

The Clash's frontman, Joe Strummer, who died in 2002, was responsible for most of what made them great. You can see how it all went down in punk auteur Julien Temple's excellent new documentary, *Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten*—and maybe pick up a few style tips of your own.

Strummer was a genius with color and contrast for one thing; after all, this is the guy who mixed preppy pink and green with an iconic punk rock photograph on the cover of *London Calling*.