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Hedi Slimane has it pretty good.

As far as we can tell, he just takes pictures of naked women all day, apart from an occasional phone call with Gus van Sant.

These are from an impromptu shoot with Anna Selezneva, but the langorous lensing seems to suggest his heart’s not quite in it. After all, if you’ve seen one gorgeous semi-nude Eastern European model, you’ve seen them all. Not that we’re complaining…

See a bit more of Ms. Selezneva»

Scarlett Goes Off the Market, Glenn's Place and Killing Pete


Scarlett Johansson Engaged: [Hands over ears] Nah nah nah—We can't hear you—nah nah nah. [Radar]

Dirty Sanchez: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion reporter Amanda Brooks digs the 'stache. [ Men's Vogue]

Zips or Laces?: Why choose? [Refiney29]

Not So Fast: Okay, so maybe Hedi Silmane isn't teaming up with Diesel - but you can't blame us for being excited. [WWD, 2nd item]

At Home With The Style Guy: This is how Glenn O'Brien rolls. [NYTimes]

Power Hour: Seems ACL has a "Woman of the Hour" to complement our "Man of the Hour"—personally, we think Chan Marshall goes with anything. [A Continuous Lean]

Stripes on Demand: Inside the bespoke team visit to Paul Smith's Soho store. [NYMag]

Babystrangles: In this video, hipster model Irina Lazareanu chokes and stomps walking heroin depot (and sometime singer) Pete Doherty to death with her high heels, fulfilling several of our darkest, unspoken fantasies. [NYMag]

Shipley + Halmos, Hedi's Pics, Turtle Necks and Doctor Love


Bulking Up: There's a pernicious rumor that we'll see healthier, more human looking humans on Fashion Week's runways. We'll believe it when we see it. [Gawker]

Flying Tomato Targeted: Snowboarding, medal-winning, star-squiring ginger Shaun White added to Target's collection. [DNRNews]

Boy's Room: Shipley + Halmos have a great office, get good press, love Calexico's burritos, fear the Superbowl. [Refinery29]

Say Cheese: A kinky look a Hedi Silmane's photographic predilections. [Radar]

"Hipster Tilley": Click for our endorsed candidate in the New Yorker's Eustace Tilley Contest. [Flickr]

Vaseline Smiles: At last, the Miss America pageant is kinda, sorta sexy. [CNN]

Butt Out: Lighting up may threaten your sex life—in addition to other things. [Jamaica Gleaner]

Playing Doctor: As you already suspected, med students get more play than the average bear—mostly because they get to say, "Hey, I'm a med student." []

"Who's Neck Gets Cold Anyway": Wearing a "polo neck" (trans.—turtle neck) could make you look smug and perhaps even glib. [Guardian UK]

The Big Sleep: Us Americans are such fatty fats that we need king-sized autopsy tables. [IHT]