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A Cinematic Guide to Grand Gestures

Say Anything

Every once in a while, you find yourself needing to do some wooing (perhaps even on some evening next week). Sure, you’re great at gift giving and a pro at the art of the love letter.

But sometimes, the situation calls for something bigger—a little more intricate, Cary Grant–level wooing. And where does any self-respecting gentleman worth his weight in rose petals get a little inspiration? Why, the cinema, of course.

So to help you out, the Kempt Guide to Cinematic Grand Gestures—ranked by degree of difficulty.»

The Rise of the Cobra


Go, Joe: Sienna Miller looks great in black and white. [World’s Best Ever]

Buzz, Buzz, Zoom: Tesla Motors makes it out of the red and into the black, astonishing just about everyone. Time for an electric drive? [Gizmodo]

Worst. Meal. Ever.: In the wake of their beloved Chihuahua’s passing, America’s chefs are coming out strong against Taco Bell. [Esquire]

At the Movies: Heath Ledger’s final performance promises to be the weirdest goddamn thing you’ve ever seen. [Vulture]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Ryan Gosling

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Out of all the Hollywood heavies stalking the red carpet at the 14th Annual SAG Awards the other night, bearded Canuck Ryan Gosling stood out for his superlative sartoriality.

Gosling, a Chet Baker fan and accomplished jazz guitarist in his own right, sported one of those signature Tom Ford single-breasted, peak-lapel three-piece suits we've been musing on lately, in a new incarnation. His was a steel-hued silk and linen herringbone number with oversized patch pockets, worn with a white-collared tan and gray checked shirt and black leather shoes also from Ford's closet. Adorning his lapel was a special tribute to unfortunate pal Heath Ledger in the form of a black ribbon designed by his sister Mandi, Gosling's date for the evening.

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IPOs, Wide Loads and Heath Hearts Gemma

Gemma Ward

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Name Dropping: "Yeah, aren't you the guy who's not getting through my security checkpoint?" [StyleDash]

Slimboy Fat: Clooney rocks the wide look, perhaps hastening the eclipse of the skinny tie. She Knows Best [Magnificent Bastard]

Aussie Love: Heath Ledger squires model Gemma Ward. Not bad for a balding single dad. [Nimoy]