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The Hats of Yore

It’s been a long time since men wore hats as a matter of course—and even longer since full-color ads for those hats filled the pages of magazines like Life and The Saturday Evening Post.

But having recently stumbled across a cache of classic Stetson ads, we can attest, they still look pretty good—and not just the hats. The imagined consumer of the Truman years was a pretty sharp fellow, all tailored overcoats and low-slung jackets. Check out our favorite examples below, if you’re not convinced. The chaps of today could learn quite a bit.

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S for Style


This month’s GQ has a primer on presidential style, and while we knew about LBJ’s glasses and Kennedy’s trim suits, we were surprised to hear about Harry S Truman’s penchant for skinny tartan ties.

Not too shabby by today’s standards, which got us thinking. It took a while, but maybe the man from Missouri’s time as a style icon has finally come.

The Truman show»