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Man of Mystery


As much as we make fun of steampunk, there’s still a lot of glamour to be found in those days. But we prefer magicians to engineers.

A bunch of magic related mementos, including a sizable chunk from Harry Houdini himself, are going up for auction next Tuesday at Swann Galleries. You can get a few of the great man’s handcuffs, trick hinges, his magic wand, or just a few posters and photos like the one above. If apparatuses are more your speed, there’s also a few trick clocks from his namesake Robert Houdin and a host of other goodies from the period. If you’re looking for something to put on your wall, you could do a lot worse than a playfully historic document challenging Houdini to escape from a beer barrel, or a photo of the same man hung upside down above an adoring crowd. It might even inspire a novel or two.

Luckily, it’s just in time for Halloween.

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