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Style Icons with Sweet Rides

Steve McQueen

Stylish men have always had a special relationship with beautiful cars.

Probably because, if you think about it, they’re kind of the perfect accessory. Big, shiny, powerful—a little automotive affirmation can go a long way to securing your position in the Court of Cool. (We’re sure the King would agree.) But it’s not only those men defined by their cars who drive cool ones. And we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it.

Thus we present to you: Style Icons with Sweet Rides. To check out the high-speed handsomeness, follow us after the jump...»

The April Issues

  • Kempt Staff

Jason Bateman GQ

Now that it’s spring, everything is abloom—even your local newsstands, thanks to the newest crop of magazines swathed in brightly colored menswear.

In other words: the April issues have arrived.

And in our grand tradition of taking the pulse of printed menswear journalism, we’ve thumbed through all of the highly glossy/flammable pages of the usual suspects to give you the rundown on the upcoming trends, recent cultural phenomena and the requisite amount of eye candy.

Without further ado, the April Issues.»

A Salute to the Stunt Doubles of Style Icons...

Sean Connery with stunt double Big John McLaughlin, Never Say Never Again, 1983

When the city of Fort Lauderdale recognized Big John McLaughlin, Shogun of the Sea, with a star on the Walk of Fame earlier this year, he responded, “Does one have to be alive to collect it?” It likely was not the first time Mr. McLaughlin asked some form of this question, having pioneered diving, stunt rigging and motion picture safety techniques in the late 1950s that are still in use to this day. Jaws simply wouldn’t have been a scary movie if it weren’t for Big John.

“I guess the craziest thing they ever asked me to do was bite a live tiger shark,” he reminisces. But his favorite was doubling 007 in eight Bond films, including Thunderball, in which he doubled 34 different people.

Allow us to join the city of Fort Lauderdale in raising a glass to Big John, the Shogun, and all the brave men who have kept our precious style icons safe over the years. To that end, we close the week with...

A salute to the stunt doubles of style icons.»

The Reentry: Monday, August 1st 2011

Plaxico Burress

Mondays seem to sting a bit more in August.

Maybe it’s the sunburn on the back of your calves. Maybe it’s the stack of work you “took home over the weekend” in order to “leave a little early” on Friday. Or maybe it’s the lingering effects of yesterday’s boozy brunch, which led to yesterday’s boozy BBQ.

At least you’re not the lead singer of King’s of Leon who, in the middle of a show in Dallas on Friday night, said "I'm gonna go back stage for a second, I'm gonna vomit, I'm gonna drink a beer and I'm gonna come back out and play three more songs." Three out of four ain’t bad, pal.

Point is, every weekend’s a long weekend in August. Which is why you feel a bit like this yawning sloth right now. It’s also why we’re here to help with The Reentry.

Here’s what you need to know…»

Thom vs. Tom, Harrison Clears Brush and The Art of the Shave


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