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The Single Most Important Detail On Your Summer Jacket

Acne Jacket

This gentleman from the latest Acne show reminded us of a certain oft-overlooked detail.

It’s a simple thing, holding true for denim jackets and Harringtons alike. And it’s the source of the ineffable sharpness radiating from the pic…but naturally, you’re going to have to click through to find out what it is.

The one thing to look for the next time you pick up a jacket»

The Harrington


While we’re big fans of the tweed-heavy layering look, it’s not the only way to tackle fall. If you prefer a more trim, military vibe, you may want to swap the tweed jacket for another fall staple: the Harrington jacket.

It’s a waist-length waxed cotton shell just slightly warmer than your cardigan, and weatherproof enough to get you through anything short of a monsoon. The classic is the heritage Baracuta model that’s been kicking around London since the 30s, but plenty of more modern options have popped up in the meantime, including this newly arrived ripstop jacket from Engineered Garments.

Our advice: Find the slimmest one you can, keep the pockets buttoned closed and don’t zip it past the belly button unless you’re in danger of catching a cold.