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Carry On, Carry On

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve gushed over Hard Graft’s deft use of wool and leather in the past, but they’ve managed to keep their wares relatively small—a wallet here, a handsome iPad folio there—until now. Enter: the CarryOn Suitcase, their first foray into full-on luggage, built from buttery-soft Italian leather and wool felt. It’s just compact enough to fit into an overhead bin, yet rugged enough to throw into the trunk for a weekend on the road.

And with a summer of impromptu travel ahead, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Three in One


Last time we checked in with Hard Graft, they were reinventing the wallet with a little help from raw felt, but it looks like they’ve been plenty busy in the year since.

Today, they unveiled their latest creation, a gray leather satchel that can transform into a laptop case, a portfolio or a weekender bag. It’s called the 3Fold, and depending on how you button, snap and fold it, it can be perfect for anything from a coffee shop run to a weekend in the country. Hopefully the leather’s tough enough to stand up to all that creasing, but in the meantime you’ll get a little extra use out of the day-tripping bag that usually sits in the back of your closet.

Hold On


A good wallet is hard to find, but Hard Graft is doing their part.

Last time we checked in with the material-minded marque, we were admiring their felt iPhone case, but they’ve expanded into more useful territory since then. This wallet is part of their latest product launch, including a laptop sleeve and mouse pad, but our attention always goes to where the money is…

The rough felt will keep it anchored in your pocket while the leather pocket gives you exactly as much room as you need…but no more. And it’s got the same fresh-from-the-drafting-table look that made us so excited last time around.

Since they’re such philosophical guys, they’ve spiced up the leather pocket with the branded epigram “You lose what you don’t hold.” As luck would have it, that’s just what happened to our iPhone…

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